Moonlight Review

By: Mark Di Stefano
Rating: 10 out of 10


With every passing year of film, I look back and divide up which movies go where in my head. These mental compartments have different categories and sub-categories (and, occasionally, some even have colored tags like on a Mac computer), but I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of what goes on in my head (we’ll be here all day). Generally, movies I watch go into one of three categories: Pass (“I’ll never see this again, except when I’m flipping channels and it’s on TNT”), Good (“I’ll go out of my way to watch it.”), and Masterful (“This needs to be shared and put in the Smithsonian, ASAP”). A lot of movies this year fell into that area between good and masterful, including a lot of this year’s Oscar contenders, but for one reason or another I found it hard to label any of them as “masterful.”

When I left the theater after seeing Moonlight, reeling over the experience I just had, it was clear that the only place I could put this film was on the top shelf. Moonlight is, without a doubt, masterful across the board.

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Oscar nominations announced!

The nominees for the 87th annual Academy Awards were announced earlier this morning.

Among the highlights include 3 for Whiplash, 6 for Boyhood and 9 for Birdman. There were notable snubs (no love for The Lego Movie?), but more on that later.

For the full rundown, you can check out the complete nominee list here.

We’re going to have lots in store for the Oscars, so be sure to keep it tuned to Reel-2-Reality.

The Oscars air Sunday, February 22 at 7 p.m.