Devil Review: Second Opinion

By: Mark Di Stefano
Rating: 8 out of 10

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Those of you that were disappointed with M. Night Shyamalan’s work recently don’t fret.  This film is nowhere near the disappointments of The Happening or most recently The Last Airbender.

This film is the first in a series of movies that are part of The Night Chronicles.  The first of three movies are from the mind of Mr. Shyamalan himself.  He doesn’t have any writing or directing credits, giving writer Brian Melson and director John Erick Dowdle, a chance to show their stuff (and boy do they show it). More after the break.


The Town Review

By: Bryan Montgomery (
Rating: 9 out of 10

Imagine what would have happened if The Departed took Heat out on a date.  The night goes pretty well, but The Departed has one too many Samuel Adams Boston Lagers, and Heat one too many daiquiris.  One thing leads to another…which results in The Town.

Now that’s a heavily sarcastic way of describing Ben Affleck’s new film, which is absolutely one of the best films of the year, and shows that Ben Affleck must now be considered as one of the better film directors in the business, as both this and his last film, Gone Baby Gone, are legitimized hits that will be seen as great crime movies set in the city of Boston. More after the break.


Devil Review

By: Bryan Montgomery
Rating: 7 out of 10

It may only be M. Night Shyamalan’s idea; but Devil seems like it was made by the famous director back in his hay day of making high-quality thriller films.  Devil is an acceptable thriller for all audiences due to its high amount of thrills, the twists and turns of the plot, and an overall sense of continued chaos created by the fear of the characters. More after the break.


The American Review

By: Andy Chruscicki (

Never trust anyone, ever.  George Clooney learns this lesson the hard way in his latest film, The American directed by Anton Corbijn.

Jack (played by George Clooney) is an assassin who carries out every job he is given with precision and dedication and never lets himself get to close to someone.  However, when a job in Sweden takes a turn for the worse, Jack must go in to hiding.  He is assign to Castelvecchio, a small town in Italy by his associate Pavel (played by Johan Leysen).  Soon after arriving, Jack befriends the local priest, Father Benedetto (played by Paolo Bonacelli) and the two begin to form a very apprehensive relationship. More after the break.