Best Star Wars References

We’re all excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening this week, and in celebration of that we’re going to be doing a whole bunch of special features.

First up, we’re going to be looking at some of the most memorable references to Star Wars in other movies, in no particular order:


The LEGO Movie

A great movie with already tons of references to other LEGO properties, one of my favorite scenes is where the Millennium Falcon swoops down from out of nowhere and- well, watch below:


Back To The Future

When Marty McFly has to convince his dad, George, to ask out his mom to the school dance, he decides to scare him in his sleep by putting on a hazmat suit and pretending to be none other than Darth Vader. Also, he references Star Trek. Awesome.


Step Brothers

“It’s okay that mine’s not movie quality.”


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

When Ferris drops of Cam’s Ferrari at the garage, the valets can’t help but to take a joyride. You may recognize the music in the background.



“What about all the innocent workers on the Death Star when Luke blew it up?”

Probably one of the many topics of discussion for many fans when it came to Star Wars. Kevin Smith, writer and director of Clerks (and Star Wars fanboy), decided to devote an entire scene to that conundrum, in his movie about a droll day in the life of two convenient store workers.


Now, if we listed every reference, we’d be here until The Force Awakens premieres on Netflix. From the hilarious Family Guy specials to the Granddaddy of them all, Spaceballs, Star Wars will forever be a part of our culture. Here’s hoping that Episode VII will give us plenty more to reference for years to come. If we missed your favorite Star Wars reference, sound off in the comments below!