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Podcast #6

And we have another edition of the Podcast ready to roll, this time we made it easier by breaking up the podcast into sections.  Let us know what you think, as well as your vote on the Movie Court Poll.

Reel-2-Reality – Podcast Part 1

Reel-2-Reality Movie Court – Monty Defends Armageddon

Reel-2-Reality Podcast – Box Office Predictions


Podcast #2

We have a quick turnaround.

Although we put last week’s podcast up today, we also did today’s podcast, which is right here for you to listen to:

Podcast #2

On the podcast we have Andy and Bryan look at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One as it is primed to be released Friday, along with the usual trailer breakdowns, rants and box office predictions.

Reel 2 Reality Podcast #1

We are now debuting the newest feature at Reel-2-Reality, a weekly Podcast!  Of course, with a new feature comes with it a high amount of technical difficulties and issues getting it online, so this podcast was actually recorded on Thursday (my bad).  Regardless we hope that you enjoy this first installment of the podcast here on Reel-2-Reality!

Podcast 11-11-10

Rants 11-11-10