The List: Top 10 Jurassic Park Dinosaur Kills

With Jurassic World hitting theaters on Friday, all of us here at Reel-2-Reality figured that it would be worth the time to break down our top 10 favorite dinosaur kills in the history of the Jurassic Park franchise before we watched the newest entry. Encompassing the first three films of the immensely successful franchise, here is our list of the best dinosaur-caused deaths in the franchise.


10.) Udesky Used as Bait – Jurassic Park III


Although, by far, the weakest entry into the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic Park III added a level of ferocity that we had not yet experienced. Poor Udesky, the last of the three mercenaries hired by Paul (William H. Macy) and Amanda (Tea Leoni) Kirby that was left alive, as left as a trap by the raptors, and had his neck snapped by the alpha when his help was no longer needed. Brutal.

9.) SS Venture Crew Eaten by T-Rex – Lost World: Jurassic Park


In the beginning of the moment when the franchise jumped the shark, the SS Venture crashed into the San Diego pier upon arrival of the T-Rex captured from Isla Sorna. Upon attempting to see what happened to the crew of the boat, Dr. Malcom and the rest of the InGen organization come across a gruesome sight; the remainder of the crew have been eaten and their bodies are strewn all over the cabin, including a hand still gripping the wheel.

8.) Nerdy Dude (Burke) Eaten by a T-Rex – Lost World: Jurassic Park


An unfortunate casualty of consequence. With the main characters all jammed in the basin of a waterfall, poor Burke was the odd man out and as a result, prime for dining. For those of you who might not remember, Burke had a milk snake slide into his shirt, and in a fit of panic, fell right into the waiting jaws of the T-Rex. Easily one of the coolest moments came from this scene, however, as Burke’s untimely end resulted in a waterfall of red after the T-Rex took care of business.

7.) Tyrannosaurus Rex gets PWNED – Jurassic Park III


Quite possibly the defining moment of the third Jurassic Park film was when we met the new “King of the Jungle” in the Spinosaurus, doing so in dramatic fashion. After a nice little surprise seeing our old favorite, the T-Rex, the Spinosaurus came in and engaged in a monstrous, one-on-one fight with the T-Rex, which ultimately saw the newest addition to the Jurassic Park franchise dispatch the former top dog with another broken neck (Jurassic Park III, loved the neck snap). It was a turning point in the franchise, or at least was intended to be, but it did a solid job establishing Spinosaurus as a massive threat.

6.) Dieter Gets Killed by Compys – The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Poor Peter Stormare. Went out for a nice casual walk only to be eaten by about 40 of the smallest dinosaurs in the franchise. A great scene that was easily one of the most impressive scenes of the disappointing sequel, this drawn-out kill was more thought through than the massive amount of sudden T-Rex or Raptor kills, and that’s why it is so memorable.

5.) T-Rex Eats a Dog – The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Probably the coolest scene of Lost World is when the T-Rex is wandering throughout the streets of San Diego, takes a drink out of someone’s pool, then proceeds to eat their dog. Then just to rub salt in the would, the wise-cracking T-Rex looks at the family through the window…with the dog house hanging from his mouth. Just an awesome moment in an otherwise poor installment into the franchise.

4.) Nedry Gets His – Jurassic Park

Arguably the person responsible for all the chaos, Nedry seemed primed for a nice fat paycheck while helping transport dinosaur DNA, but little did he know that the Dilophosaurus was waiting for him. Crashing his Jeep in the middle of a rainstorm, Nedry attempted to play fetch with a dinosaur, and as you can well imagine, things didn’t’ go well for the IT guy of Jurassic Park.

3.) Arnold Lends a Helping….Arm? – Jurassic Park

The bodies really didn’t start to drop until the velociraptors got involved, and Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) was the first casualty of the predators. With Dr. Sadler (Laura Dern) successfully returning power to the park, the Raptors make their presence known and soon, you see what’s left of Arnold when his arm lands gingerly on Sadler’s shoulder as a sign of comfort…until you realize that the arm is all that’s left of him.

2.) Let’s All Hope Gennaro has Life Insurance – Jurassic Park

Hammond’s lawyer Gennaro is the first T-Rex kill of the franchise, and is easily one of the most prolific kills in the film, as the lawyer is gobbled up while on the toilet during the initial T-Rex attack. After the T-Rex plows through the restroom and completely destroys the building, all that’s left is Gennaro, sitting in his awesome knee-high shorts…needless to say he doesn’t last long. But let’s be frank, if your character’s death makes it into a Weird Al song, it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve made it.

1.) “Clever Girl” – Jurassic Park 

The undisputed king of the franchise. The reason why you check your closets at night to make sure that velociraptors aren’t around. But all kidding aside, this scene was easily one of the most memorable parts of an absolutely fantastic film, and really brought things full circle as we saw the Raptors utilizing their surroundings to their advantage in the open, but never to this extent. Plus the fact that Muldoon essentially gives up when he knows that he has been outsmarted by a dinosaur is a pretty cool moment.


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