Retro Trailer of the Week- Born On The 4th of July

For this week’s Retro Trailer, it would be very unpatriotic of us if we didn’t look at a trailer with the 4th of July in mind.

Instead of going with THE go-to film for patriotic pride (cue Independence Day and Will Smith kicking some serious alien butt), I wanted to highlight a film that questions the idea of patriotism and what it means to the individual.

Based on Ron Kovik’s autobiography of the same name, 1989’s Born On The 4th of July stars Tom Cruise in his first Oscar-nominated role as Kovic, a patriotic man who after getting shot and paralyzed during the Vietnam war, he comes home not only to question the war, but his country as well.

The film won two Oscars for Best Director (Oliver Stone) and Best Film Editing.

Check out the trailer below! What’s your favorite Independence Day themed movie?



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