Grown Ups 2 Review

By Mark Di Stefano
Rating: 3 out of 10


To start off, Grown Ups 2 is about Adam Sandler and company reprising their roles as they spend time together on the day of their kids’ last day of school. That’s literally all you have to know.

There’s a ton of cameos and a few laughs, but they’re not enough to salvage what’s left of yet another poor Dennis Dugan film.

In case if you really wanted to know, the film takes place shortly after the first film. Adam Sandler’s character moves his family back to his hometown to live a normal life. On the last day of school Sandler hangs out with Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and runs into shenanigans.

The film has a ton of cameos and some funny moments. Some of the more funny moments come from Saturday Night Live alumni such as Cheri Oteri and Tim Meadows, amongst other cameos.

The movie though fails to do anything productive in terms of storytelling and in terms of doing something new for a sequel.  

It’s one of those films that have a niche audience, such as Mike Myers’ The Love Guru back in 2008. If you know Myers’ brand of humor then you knew what you were getting into when you saw it. If you’re a fan, then there was a possibility that you liked it, but that doesn’t go for everyone.

On the upside though, what makes the film kind of worthwhile is the gags, which are pretty funny. What makes this film a little bit better than the first is that it’s just so ridiculous throughout that you can’t help but laugh. When it’s all over though, you’ll forget about it. Some films can be built solely on gags, but this film failed to do so.

An idea of a sequel for Sandler fans can make people excited.  We’re curious as to what would Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore be up to nowadays, but Grown Ups was just an excuse to get Sandler and his friends into the same room and make jokes. There were some funny jokes, but it got old real fast. I’m not mad or disgusted, just baffled. Why Sandler and Dugan have chosen Grown Ups as a film to build a franchise on, is something I just don’t want to understand.

Sandler is talented, and Dennis Dugan has the ability to make some great, funny films (just watch Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore), but I feel as if they’re just comfortable doing what they’re doing, and Grown Ups 2 is a sad reminder of that fact.

Rob Schneider isn’t part of this go-round, but he didn’t miss much. Grown Ups 2 has some funny laughs, but you’re not going to get much out of it. I seriously hope that Sandler reevaluates his career right now and takes a breather on making films with Dugan, because he needs a recharge. 


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