Man of Steel Review

By: Mark Di Stefano
Rating: 8 out of 10

man-of-steel-posterThe idea that The Dark Knight franchise can’t be outdone is a myth. Yes, the films have set the bar even higher for what superhero movies could be, but that doesn’t mean the bar can’t be set even higher.

The idea of a Superman film in the post-Dark Knight, Marvel-era that can entertain the superhero moviegoer, seemed funny at first. However, Man of Steel brings everything you want in a superhero movie now, and what you expect from a Superman movie, and then some.

Most of you know the plot of superman by now, and that’s reflected in the film. Jor-El sends his only child to earth to be the beacon of hope for humanity. The child is found and raised by John and Martha Kent, and Clark Kent grows up to be Superman.

What the film does differently though is to expand on the years and themes that aren’t usually reflected in other Superman films. We see Clark trying to find his place on Earth, being that he’s the only one of his kind that he knows of. He spends time trying to figure out who he is and what he’s meant to do.

Instead of Lex Luthor we have General Zod as the villain, played by Michael Shannon who gives a strong-willed and electric performance. General Zod invades earth and Clark has to find a way to stop Zod and save the Earth, all the while becoming the Superman that we would all know and love.

Kudos to director Zach Snyder, who has made his best film since Watchmen, if not the best film of his career so far. The visuals are astounding, and the action is non-stop. The amount of chaos and devastation in the movie is at par with The Avengers, and that says a lot.

Henry Cavill has made a tremendous Superman. He has the charisma and the looks to match previous actors who played the part. Most of the film though is about Clark discovering what he’s mean to do, so Cavill exudes some feelings of being unsure, which is what I guess what this film required. By the end though, fanas will see a glimpse of the Superman we will come to know and love.

The rest of the cast is just as captivating as Cavill. The always wonderful Amy Adams makes a lovely Lois Lane, and Russell Crowe makes a great Jor-El.

Man of Steel manages to create a world where we can actually imagine a Superman that exists. I guess with what fans of The Dark Knight want from Christopher Nolan’s gritty, realistic take, would be satisfied here. Superman though isn’t a grim guy though, which is what makes him the ideal Superhero. He stands for justice and equality, and will do what’s right. Nolan, who produced the film, undoubtedly had some influence on the film and fans could come to that conclusion, but what makes Man of Steel unique belongs to Snyder and his team.

 Man of Steel proved many things. That Batman and Marvel can’t reign forever, and that Superman can still have a great movie going experience. The film is a great blend of the old and new. Those wondering about the future of the Justice League movie will leave this film knowing that it will happen. This film is the beginning of something great, especially for moviegoers everywhere.  


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