Andy’s 13 of ’13

With the new year upon us, a whole new slew of movies will be on their way to our local movie theaters. Which films is Andy looking forward to most? Hit the jump to find out

13. Movie 43

One only needs to watch the above trailer to understand why this movie made the list. Between the star power and the obvious raunchy jokes, Movie 43 might end up being the funniest movie of 2013.

12.Despicable Me 2

When the original was released in 2010, it found success through word of mouth.  Now with the sequel on the way later this year, it will most definitely find success if it is anything like its predecessor.

11. The Wolverine



Not much is known about the next installment in the saga of the X-Men’s Wolverine. However, with the film expected to be released in June, its only a matter of time before we finally get a glimpse to what The Wolverine will be bringing to the table.

10. The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp is back again, this time in a supporting role to Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger in the big screen adaptation of the beloved television series. If any previous TV to film transfers are any indication this film is set for failure. However, with Depp and Hammer who have established themselves as good actors, this film might stand a chance.

9. Anchorman: The Legend Continues

He’s back ladies and gentleman. The man’s whose voice could make a wolverine purr will be back with his news team in tow later this summer. Prepare for the glorious return of Ron Burgundy.

8. Thor: The Dark World

Thor _The_Dark_World_1

Marvel’s Norse god of thunder is back and has to defend his home of Asgard yet again in Thor: The Dark World. Unfortunately, comic book fans have to wait until November for Thor’s next adventure. However, it will be more than likely worth the wait.

7. Pacific Rim

Director Guillermo del Toro’s summer release is without a doubt the movie no one is talking about. With dazzling special effects and what looks to be a very intriguing story, Pacific Rim is the official sleeper film of 2013

6. A Good Day to Die Hard

Ron Burgandy isn’t the only infamous character returning in 2013. John McClane is back and is saving the world one butt kicking at a time in the next installment of the Die Hard franchise.

5. World War Z

The novel by Max Brooks about the zombie apocalypse is coming to the big screen this summer. Brad Pitt stars and from the looks of the trailer, World War Z looks like it is going to break new ground for apocalypse movies.

4. Man of Steel

After Superman Returns failed to reach expectations, the Superman franchise was in need of a face-lift. Zach Snyder, director of 300 and Watchmen helms the reboot of the beloved comic book superhero. Oh and Christopher Nolan helped too. Just throwing it out there.

3. Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Katniss Everdeen and all her hunting skills are back for the follow up to last years The Hunger Games. This time the stakes are raised even higher and many are already predicting this to be 2013’s financial bread winner.

2. Star Trek 2: Into Darkness

Once again, director JJ Abrams is taking us to the final frontier with the sequel to 2009’s smash hit. As Captain Kirk and his crew arrive home from their last mission they will be faced with an unstoppable terror from within their own group and it is up them to stop by themselves before its too late.

1. Iron Man 3

America’s favorite entrepreneur/playboy/genius/superhero Tony Stark is back for the 3rd installment of the Iron Man franchise. From the trailer alone you start to get the feeling that Iron Man 3 may be the most epic installment yet.

Like this list? Don’t like it? Let us know with your comments! Enjoy what is destined to be a great year for movies!


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