Ted Rules the Weekend

In a weekend where all the focus was on Magic Mike, Universal Pictures’ Ted set a new record for a non-sequel, R-Rated comedy opening, grossing $54.1 Million to top this weekend’s box office. The Seth McFarlane comedy, starring Mark Wahlberg, beat 2009’s The Hangover, which held the record with $45 Million.

Magic Mike also far surpassed expectations, grossing $39.2 Million off of a very good weekend for the domestic box office, which grossed 165.5 weekend prior to some of the big hitters coming to the cinema starting next week. Last week’s champ, Brave, finished in third with $34 Million.

  • 1. Ted $54,107,495
  • 2. Magic Mike $39,155,000
  • 3. Brave $34,011,000
  • 4. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection $26,350,000
  • 5. Madagascar 3 $11,815,000
  • 6. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter $6,000,000
  • 7. Prometheus $4,925,000
  • 8. Moonrise Kingdom $4,872,878
  • 9. Snow White and The Huntsman $4,405,245
  • 10. People Like Us $4,306,000

Bryan’s analysis after the break.

Bryan’s Analysis

Definitely an interesting weekend, as much of the focus was on Magic Mike, it wouldn’t have surprised me if the Steven Soderburgh film snuck into first place. However, Ted taking the top spot and breaking a record at the same time is very surprising. A $54.1 Million gross for an R-Rated non-sequel is unheard of, especially a film that is playing second fiddle to a hyped-up and much talked-about film such as Magic Mike.

The good thing for Magic Mike is the complete box office success that it will be depicted as. In a summer that is loaded with massively expensive films (Marvel’s The Avengers – $220 Million, The Amazing Spider-Man – $215 Million, The Dark Knight Rises – $250 Million), the fact that Magic Mike has already brought in nearly 800 percent of its budget is pretty impressive. Made for only $5 Million, the film made $19.4 in its first day in theaters, grossing $13,363 per theater.

This is a good sign for the box office heading into a very interesting July. With The Amazing Spider-Man hitting theaters tomorrow night at midnight (which I will be there for – expect a review Tuesday morning.), the box office should at least one high-shooting week before going down for a week or two prior to the monster hit, The Dark Knight Rises, premieres.

Also, it is of note that Marvel’s The Avengers is out of the top 10 for the first time in its run. That is nine straight weeks in the top 10 before falling out, no small feat. The Avengers is projected to have grossed $2.9 Million this weekend, pushing its massive domestic gross to $606.3 Million, the third biggest of all-time behind James Cameron’s two mega-hits, Titanic and Avatar.


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