The Avengers Review

By: Andy Chruscicki
Rating: 9 out of 10

Despite being chalked full with tons of colorful superheroes and a larger than life storyline, The Avengers is executed to almost near perfection.  This makes it not just one of the best superhero movies ever but one of the best summer movies in quite some time.

The Avengers starts off with Loki (the brother of Avenger Thor) stealing an object that has the potential to destroy the world from the espionage team known as S.H.I.E.L.D.  This forces the leader of that team, Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) to attempt to assemble a group of superheroes that can combat this dangerous threat. The only problem is whether the colorful group of dysfunctional superheroes he assembles can coexist long enough to help save the world from utter annihilation.

Right from the start, The Avengers ropes you in and doesn’t let go. Despite having quite a bit of source material to handle within a decent amount of time, the film moves along at a good pace and doesn’t really stumble while heading towards its big climactic finish.

The film also does a very good job and not taking itself to seriously.  The humor sprinkled throughout it is all in good nature and genuinely funny.  The credit here must be given to the films little known director, Joss Whedon.  Having said that, after this film Whedon may not be little known for long.

What is truly impressive about The Avengers is its ability to not lose any characters in the shuffle while the story line progresses.  Every character or superhero is given their due and has their importance and isn’t larger or smaller than what they should be.

It also doesn’t hurt that the film has an excellent collection of actors as well. Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (CaptainAmerica) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) are all very comfortable in their characters and have helped to make these superheroes pop off the screen.

The only new actor to the group, Mark Ruffalo, who makes his debut as the anger-fueled Hulk, does an excellent job of capturing the character of Bruce Banner aka the Hulk.  It would be no surprise to see Ruffalo pop up as the big green destruction machine in the future.

Despite all of these positives The Avengers does have stumbling points, however, there are very few of them.  Some of the science involving the weapon Loki wields will leave some scratching their heads. It doesn’t take much away from the experience but it’s like a mosquito bite, where it kind of bugs you but if you ignore it you barely notice it.

The most dazzling thing about the film is its final battle in the middle of New York City.  It is truly larger than life with superb special effects and is well executed and choreographed, which will pull viewers in and excite the senses.

In terms of superhero films, The Avengers most definitely raises the bar. It is an exciting, fun and very well done film that will please fans of the material as well as summer moviegoers and may leave them coming back to witness it again.


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