Summer Movie Guide – May

Well ladies and gents it’s that time of year again. The summer movie season.  Its as close to Christmas in July as a movie fan is going get…mostly due to the fact that July is included in four months of complete movie mayhem.   Not sure what’s coming out that you should go see? Well we here at R2R have you covered. Every month we will be breaking down the top releases of this summer from May – August. Hit the jump to see what May will have to offer.

May 4 – The Avengers

Plot: When earth is threatened by an intergalactic enemy, it is up to a group of dysfunctional and colorful superheroes to find a way to band together and save the day.

Hype Meter: 9.5 Hulk Smashes out of 10

Why you’ll like it: It contains a great collection of famous superheroes that have all become enormously popular due to their individual movies. So putting them together can only produce great results, right?

Why you won’t: You’re not a fan of superheroes or summer movies. That’s pretty much it

May 11 – Dark Shadows

Plot: Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) has the world at his feet until one fateful day when he breaks the heart of a witch (Eva Green). The witch then turns him in to a vampire and buries him alive only to mistakenly unburied two centuries later. He returns home to see his estate, family and business in ruins and now must return it to its prominence.

Hype Meter: 7 fangs out of 10

Why you’ll like it: It’s Tim Burton doing what he does best. Making a film combining supernatural elements and reuniting with Johnny Depp will undoubtedly produce similar results as previous films featuring these two.

Why you won’t: You don’t like nor can appreciate Tim Burton or any monster film that isn’t a horror film at heart.

May 16 – The Dictator

Plot: This film will tell the story of General Aladeen (played by funny man Sacha Baron Cohen), the leader of the fictional Republic of Wadiyah who is on a quest to make sure democracy never comes to his country.

Hype Meter: 7 foreign accents out of 10

Why you’ll like it: If you were a fan of Borat or Bruno, Cohen’s previous films. Although it isn’t a mockumentary like those films, it still looks like it will deliver some solid tongue-in-cheek laughs

Why you won’t: You’ve grown tired of Cohen and his sense of humor

May 18 – Battleship

Plot: When a small fleet of alien ships crash land in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii, the Navy is sent to investigate. The aliens soon trap the Navy in an impenetrable force field, leaving the Navy no choice but to try and stop this foreign threat before it destroys the world.

Hype Meter: 8 red pegs out of 10

Why you’ll like it: You’re a huge fan of toys being made in to larger than life summer blockbusters and you can’t resist a good alien vs. humans fight. The fact that Liam Neeson is looking to fight the alien threat is also a very exciting idea

Why you won’t: You think the idea of making a board game in to a movie that has nothing to do with the actual game besides the name might be the dumbest thing you have ever heard or seen.

May 25 – Men in Black III

Plot: When Agent J (Will Smith) finds out that Agent K’s (Tommy Lee Jones) and earth’s fate are in serious trouble, he must travel back to 1969 to stop a alien criminal from carrying out his plan. The only problem is J must finish the task in 24 hours or he will be stuck in the past forever.

Hype Meter: 6 noisy crickets out of 10

Why you’ll like it: If you are a huge fan of Men in Black and the universe it has created through the previous films. Other than that there isn’t much else going for this film besides Will Smith and Josh Brolin.

Why you won’t: If you feel that this is just an unnecessary sequel or you’re getting sick of Will Smith making lame movies.


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