Cabin in the Woods Review

By: Bryan Montgomery
Rating: 8 out of 10 

Well…this one is a bit of a doozy.

Cabin in the Woods mixes all the best pieces of horror lore and then adds in a high degree of unpredictability and sure craziness to create one of the most unique and entertaining film experiences of the year.

A group of five led by Curt (Chris Hemsworth) take a trip into the woods for a weekend vacation.  Along for the ride is Curt’s girlfriend Jules (Anna Hutchinson), innocent girl Dana (Kristen Connolly), Curt’s friend Holden (Jesse Williams) and stoner Marty (Fran Kranz).  Soon, the group finds themselves hunted by terrifying evils, but not everything is as it seems.

I will say this once before I get into my review.  Be careful if you are preparing to watch this movie.  I enjoyed this movie for one reason; I did not read a review, I did not watch a trailer, I just heard that the movie was legitimate and I felt that it was worth a shot.  I enjoyed it because I went in with zero expectations and anticipation.  You have been warned.

This movie is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.  Director Drew Goodard knows what horror fans like to see and uses your own self-conceived notions to smack you in the face and deliver a unique and unexpectedly fun take on the horror genre.  The gang is all here, as mentioned above all of the stereotypes that we have come to know and love are present in the film and all of the actors do their best to play the part.  Chris Hemsworth, who has become a massive star as of late through his roles in Thor and the upcoming Avengers movie, does an outstanding job in his role, having just the right amount of cockiness to sell the regulars but still with enough spark to keep non-seasoned fans entertained.  Hemsworth is the star in this cast, but all of the remaining members do a great job maintaining the movie and not ruining it.

Once the characters are set and the pieces keep moving, the first 30 minutes of the movie play out like a standard horror flick.  There are slight inclinations that there is in fact more going on than meets the eye, but for the most part the movie plays the normal cards.  But when the movie decides to take a turn, it makes a complete U-turn and that is where the fun begins.

Being a horror movie fan is your best friend as you enter this movie.  If you have seen to many scary flicks that you can predict twists and turns, then this movie will be the breath of fresh air that you have been waiting months if not years for.  I went into detail about the first 30 minutes of the movie because I just don’t want to spoil how out of hand and crazy things get by the end of the movie.

That said, if you’re going in expecting a standard hack-and-slash, you’re going to hate this movie.  What is important is the fact that you go into Cabin in the Woods with the right state of mind.  Without an open mind and the ability to take a joke or two, Cabin in the Woods will fall flat in your mind.  But if you’re up to having an interesting experience with a great deal of twists and turns, take a chance on the seldom-heard of Cabin in the Woods. It is an unexpected gem and a game-changer for the horror genre.  Expect more movies to take the twists and turns that Cabin in the Woods has seemingly set the foundation for.


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  1. As I wrote in my own review, I’m not a horror fan at all, yet I still experienced that sense of fun and freshness that you’re mentioning. It’s a terrific ride, but it’s a difficult one to tell people about without ruining it. I hope it gets its due at the box office, to encourage Hollywood to do more that is different.

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