Box Office Recap: April 15

Another week and another period of stagnant and stubborn rule atop the box office for The Hunger Games.  The box office’s champ for the fourth consecutive week brought in $21.5 million to bring its total up to $337.1 Million.  The Hunger Games becomes the first film since Avatar to rule the box office for four consecutive weeks.

Coming in second was the first of the plethora of new releases, as The Three Stooges brought in $21.5 million during its first three days in theaters.  The Farrelly Brothers’ take on the age-old comedic trio did a good job bringing in the younger crowd with its PG rating, likely sapping 40-50 percent of the younger crowd that had seen The Hunger Games during its run.  Cabin in the Woods was the top R-Rated release, drawing $14.9 Million over the weekend.  The thriller directed by Drew Goddard opened to rave reviews, but was unable to bring the numbers expected to take away the weekend crowd.  Lockout, the action-thriller starring Guy Pearce, finished in ninth with a meager $6.3 million.

 Monty’s Take

The fact that The Hunger Games has done this good over a four-week period is astounding to me.  I thought at best, THG would have control over the box office for two, maybe three weeks before audiences started to thin out and some other movie would take over.  That is not happening.  As mentioned above, the fact that THG is the first movie since Avatar to get such a draw at the box office over a consistent amount of time.

Its not too surprising that THG was able to do so well this weekend, a great deal of attention was paid towards the movie instead of the three wide releases, which is somewhat surprising.  The Three Stooges was born to be a flop and $17.1 million surprised me.  If this movie ends up grossing over $60 million I will be shocked, this looks to be the kind of movie that will short out quick once word of mouth starts to travel.  Cabin might pick up some steam and keep stable over the next few weeks, the movie has been getting great reviews and positive word of mouth should also carry the movie over to a fairly positive box office gain over the next few weeks.

The way I see it, THG has a few more weeks to rule the box office until The Avengers comes in and the summer season begins.  $450 million isn’t that far off for this movie and I would not be surprised if it hits that mark.  But to see a movie such as this do so well at this time of year is astounding.

As a side note, I must say how impressed I am that Titanic is still doing so well in 3D post-conversion.  The movie is 3 ½ hours long, to say that a fifteen-year old movie with that running time is still doing so well, grabbing $11.6 million this weekend and $44.5 million overall.  I would not be shocked if this movie hits $70 million during its run.

Domestic Box Office, April 13-April 15

Title/Weeks in release/Theater count, Studio/Three-day weekend total/Cume

1. The Hunger Games, 4/3,916, Lionsgate, $21.5 million, $337.1 million.

2. The Three Stooges, 1/3,477, Fox, $17.1 million.

3. Cabin in the Woods, 1/2,811, Lionsgate/MGM, $14.9 million.

4. Titanic 3D, 2/2,697, Paramount/Fox, $11.6 million, $44.5 million.

5. American Reunion, 2/3,203, Universal, $10.6 million, $39.9 million.

6. Mirror Mirror, 3/3,206, Relativity, $7 million, $49.5 million.

7. Wrath of the Titans, 3/3,102, Warners/Legendary, $6.9 million, $71.3 million.

8. 21 Jump Street, 5/2,735, Sony/MGM, $6.8million, $120.6 million.

9. Lockout, 1/2,308, Open Road/FilmDistrict, $6.3 million.

10. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, 7/2,122, Universal/Illumination, $3 million, $204.5 million.


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