The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #2 Breakdown

By: Bryan Montgomery

And here, we, go….again.

Trailer number two, round two with the previews.  As was customary last time, I’m going to give all of you some screens from the trailer and then be completely wrong in my analyzation of the images.  That said, let me start by saying that this movie will be awesome.  Nolan knows what he is doing, and although all the nay-sayers have things against the movie already *cough* Bane’s voice *cough*, you know what you’re going to get with Nolan, and he won’t leave his faithful astray. That said, let’s get started with the breakdown. Hit the break for more.

Great way to start…kid at the football game of the fake Gotham Rogues. This scene was shot in Heinz field, which is always a good thing because that stadium is football.  Something right off the bat…this scene is in daylight.  People don’t realize how weird this should be…the whole movie is pretty much during the day.  That’s not Batman! Oh well…moving on.

So here’s a seemingly unimportant shot of the crowd, no big deal, except for one fact that once you see it, you’re going to s*** bricks.  Look at the “R” in Rogues.

Now…look at this.

Nolan…you son of a bitch.  He’s worse than the really cute girl at the coffee store, you just can’t tease us like this.  Anyways, we’re only 12 seconds into the trailer and we already know that The Dark Knight Rises can go in about 30,000 different directions.

And here’s our first look at Bane.  Look for a full review of the Prologue soon.  So many people have dove into his character already, at this point I’m just going to say he has a sweet coat.

And now we have the first HUGE Easter Egg during the trailer.  This shot was focused for around three seconds, way too long for anything minimal to happen.  Then this dude walks in with a cane, a dude which if you look closely into the dinner plate, he has brown hair and looks fairly young.  You put the pieces together…It’s Bruce.  At this point in the trailers, all the fanboys screaming “BREAK THE BAT!” are freaking out at the visual confirmation of their life-long dream.

Alfred starts to key up the dialogue in the trailer.  He opens by saying “You are as precious to me as were your Mom and Dad.  I swore to them that I would protect you…and I haven’t.” Now in Batman Begins, Alfred was a major warning force for Bruce becoming Batman, but accepted the role that Batman had in regards to Gotham by the time that The Dark Knight Rises came around.  Now, the big piece of news that came out with the recent issue of Empire magazine was that The Dark Knight Rises (from here on referred to as TDKR) takes place eight years after TDK.  A lot of stuff can happen in eight years, especially when Batman is on the run from the Police.  So either its a culmination of events since we last saw Mr. Wayne, or something big happens to make Alfred say that.

Gotham City.  Or as we know it here in the states…Pittsburgh (I think.) They were all over the place, but the good thing about that is Gotham will really begin to develop its own personality in this movie, as the city looks to be a major player in how things play out for our favorite Caped Crusader.

Jim Gordon, looking a lot older than he has previously.  In the TDKR prologue, the first lines spoken are by Gordon about how much he misses Dent, which this looks to be a memorial service (In front of Wayne Manor) for the holidays.  This movie will be taking place during the Winter, and obviously the sting from losing Dent hasn’t left Gordon, nor has the secret that he has been withholding with the assistance of Batman.

What looks to be Bruce entering a masquerade ball.  The scenes in this movie are going to be extravagant, as eight years after burning down his mansion, Bruce should be back to his millionaire, playboy tactics.  This looks to be a gala not unlike the party in Batman Begins, where all of the big-time and deep-pocketed Gotham elite gather to talk about their trust funds.  Until…

Selina Kyle comes into the picture.  Now…I would not be lying if I didn’t get insanely excited once Anne Hathaway was named to be Selina Kyle in this movie.  Catwoman is always a mixed bag, and has to be done by the right actress to work properly.  Hathaway is one of those actresses.  Here is the dialogue that she drops on Bruce during this scene:

“There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.”

And there’s your storm, a big, nasty, strong storm.  Having two criminals (I’m throwing Catwoman in that group for now.) in a movie is a tricky business, but Bane looks to be more of a force, much like the Joker was in TDK.  There is no rhyme or reason behind what they are doing, but the villains have a plan, and they are going to do whatever it takes to execute that plan.  In this scene and the first still of Bane, he looks like any other man who would be walking up and down the street (minus the massive mask that he is wearing).  He has somewhere to go and something to do, and his mind looks to be completely on that task.

Another Selina line:

“You and your friends better baton down the hatches.”

…She stole that necklace.

Now we are starting to see something interesting…We are in the underground of Gotham.  Keep an eye on the trailer, this is going to start to become a common trend.  I for one have no idea what is going on under Gotham except for that Gordon’s line in the teaser trailer “Now this evil….rises.” is making much more sense.  That said, explosions are always bad.  Kids, don’t do whatever the hell Bane is going to do in this movie.

WTF is that a person?!?!  This is a ritzy looking place, perhaps a living residence for the wealthy…or maybe even the Wayne Manor we haven’t seen?

I couldn’t get a good shot for this one, but Bane’s thugs go into a room and yank some guy out from underneath a table.  This isn’t uncustomary for Bane’s croonies to get someone for their master plan in some extravagant way (i.e. Prologue) but this begins to raise a great deal of questions; who is that guy? why do they want to get him that bad?  Why did they have to walk all over that priceless Persian rug with their nasty sewer boots?

And here is the rest of Selina’s awesome little saying

“Because when it hits, you’re all going to wonder how you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

Now I’m just venturing out there…but from what Selina said and this scene, where all of Arkham prison’s incarcerated city scum is being let loose with guns, we have a class revolution on our hands, ladies and gentlemen.  Now speculating, and this is going to earn extra credit for you Batman Begins fans out there….do you remember the weapon Ras Al Guhl used the first time he tried to take down Gotham?

I just thought that this shot was awesome because my initials are on the helmet.  That’s all.

Now here is another WTF shot.  What the hell is this, Nolan? Are you combining TDKR with Inception? This is the weirdest looking prison that I have ever seen.  At this point in the trailer, the chanting that has become synonymous with the picture starts to pipe in and get louder, so we know that some major s*** is about to go down.  Bruce then asks..

“What does that mean?”

To which a guy that sounds just like Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: Episode III says:


Once again, the title is starting to make more and more sense as the film draws closer.

While fans are gathering in the field getting ready for kickoff, Bane walks into the team entrance tunnel.  And here comes probably the coolest five seconds ever seen in a movie trailer. Ever. I’ll just let you enjoy the screens that I have here.

Now, I guess that the only way to be safe from death in a Christopher Nolan film is to be a Super Bowl MVP.  That said….WHAT THE HELL? THAT WAS AWESOME!  This scene by itself means that there is nothing that Bane won’t to do incite his plan, and that this guy is serious.  Either that or he had a huge bet and this touchdown reception was his way to ensure that the Rogues covered the spread.

Now things get serious, quick.  Here is Bruce, messed up. We really never have seen him beaten and bruised in the first two films, but he looks to be in horrible shape in this picture, and he is looking up at something.   At this point you hear Bane say…

“When Gotham is ashes, you’ll have my permission to die.”

Now if this is true, and Bane sees Batman, this means that a whole mess of doors have opened. I’ll bullet point them for you:

– The class revolution will obviously target the Waynes first and foremost regardless of the fact that Bruce is Batman.  Bane knowing who Bruce is will only cause it to be more vicious.

– There are only three people on the face of this universe’s planet who knows Batman’s identity.  Alfred won’t tell, Fox won’t tell….Ras Al Guhl is dead….right?

– In X-Men First Class (SPOILER ALERT), Professor X didn’t pass out after his back was shattered by the bullet….Batman probably wouldn’t pass out after he was broken by Bane…

– I UNDERSTOOD WHAT BANE SAID! It must be a miracle!

– When Gotham is ashes?  What kind of weapon does Bane have that could do that?

Now the shots come quickly and furiously.    Here is our first look at Talia….er…..Miranda Tate (I’m going to be riding this pony until she is revealed to be Talia. I know it.)  Its going to be extremely interesting to see how Tate’s story weaves into Bruce’s…is he the replacement for Rachel?  Has she been in the picture for a while?  Remember that we didn’t see Harvey Dent until the third trailer, so for all we know she could be the most important part of the picture.

This shot sucks.  Its Bruce sliding down the side of a building with a zipline.  Perhaps to the new and improved Batcave?

Here’s a look at Batman’s new weapon.  Its either a fancy flashlight or something awesome.  I’m going with the latter.

Here are two vehicles that are flying down the snowy streets of Gotham.  There are Batmobiles all over this movie, as Bane seemingly has a fleet of camo tumblers, and he is definitely using them throughout the movie.

Another image of Bane, this time holding a pair of detonator switches in hand.  This guy loves his explosives.

Here is our first look at John Blake.  He is going to be a very key part of this film, a much larger role than previously examined.  As Gordon’s right hand man, when the events we have seen in the teaser trailer happen, it looks like its going to be up to Blake.  Not a good start though, he is backing out of a door.  By the way…doesn’t this look like the Gotham City Hospital?  What the hell is he doing there?

And now what looks to be the final battle scene between Bane and Batman…which is in the daylight!  To me, Batman will only come out during the day for one thing and one thing only, he’s pressed for time and only has a few minutes to stop something huge from happening.  This battle is happening in front of what looks to be city hall.  Cops are fighting convicts.  HOW AWESOME DOES THIS LOOK TO BE.


So let’s go back to the teaser trailer.  We see Batman gasping for air, drawing back from Bane…now we see him taking the first punch.  That looks to be two major changes of pace for Batman, which is why I have the feeling that this is the final battle.  But what happens in that first fight? I think we’re going to see Bane break the Bat early….

We are now in that weird prison that Bruce heard the chanting in.  This has a connection with Bane, its just difficult to pin point what it could be or where it could go.

Our final little money shot is the Batwing that everyone has been talking about.  This is awesome, and I can’t wait to see how this new piece of tech is used in the movie.  The Batpod was definitely the coolest part of TDK, and I don’t see a reason why that is going to change for TDKR.

July 20th. So excited.  There is so much going on in this trailer, I’m just skimming the surface, but its a start.  So that said, I hope you all enjoyed this, tear it apart, start some conversation, and get ready, because this movie is going to change everything we know about Nolan, Batman and the definition of Summer Blockbuster.

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