Trailer of the Day: In Time

The trailer for the new science-fiction trailer In Time has hit the web! In Time looks at an alternate future in which currency is measured through the time we have on our arms, not the money in our pockets.  Time is dispensed like currency, and once an individual’s clock runs out, they die.  Check out the trailer below, with the crew’s take after the break!

Monty’s Take

Last year, Surrogates came out and was the film that In Time looks to have taken a high amount of inspiration from.  I’m looking at the supporting cast of Cillian Murphy, who has proven that he can play villains (Batman Begins, Red Eye), and Amanda Siegfried, who has yet to be given a role in which she can excel, and although this is a stretch, its is very obtainable and possible for her to do well.  Obviously Timberlake is there for money purposes, but who knows, we have seen entertainers outside of acting do well before.  It should be interesting to see how this film turns out.


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