Trailer of the Day: Paranormal Activity 3

The third installment of the Paranormal Activity series is heading to theaters, and the trailer has hit the web!  Explore the origins of the haunting that plagued the characters in the first and second film in this new look at the saga made by the director of Catfish. Check out the trailer and check out the crew’s take after the break!

Monty’s Take

The first two Paranormal Activity movies were great entertainment, really adding a new dimension and perspective on horror flicks.  The third film looks to do what so many horror film sagas have done before, and that is explain the back story so that everything else makes more sense.  Although I do like the trailer and think that the last fifteen seconds is absolutely incredible, there is still a wide amount of scrutiny that must be paid to this film early on in its marketing.  Although the level and capacity for success is there, it will be interesting to see if a new director can continue this series and make it more than a trilogy.  Nevertheless, I’ll be checking this film out in a (hopefully) packed theater around Halloween.



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