The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Breakdown

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Hey everyone, I hope that Harry Potter weekend found you well and hopefully not as empty-pocketed as the rest of the world.  We here at R2R like to look forward to things, and we decided that the only way to look forward to easily the biggest release of 2012 is to break down the first trailer of The Dark Knight Rises. In case you haven’t seen it yet…

Hit the break and enjoy High-Def images from the trailer and Monty’s best attempt to guess just what the hell is going on in this trailer.  It’s going to be good to look back at this post next year and see how far off he is. Regardless, hit the break!

Good start, the blue, flaming WB logo a la The Dark Knight.  The best thing about the Nolan films is how he uses a constant palate in all of the scenes.  In Batman Begins, it was brown-ish, seeming like it was part of the dawn, while in The Dark Knight it was more blue-ish, seemingly during the afternoon or the evening. What will TDKR hold?

Okay…it’s always good when buildings shoot by with papers and plaster drifting by the screen…

Always an epic way to start a trailer.  Everyone knows that these first two Batman films have captivated audiences and have really pushed the mental aptitude of defining a hero.

A great sign for fans of Batman Begins.  During this part of the trailer , a voiceover from Liam Neeson from the first film states:

“If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal…then you become something else entirely…A legend, Mr. Wayne…a legend.”

Everyone has wondered if the series would come full circle…I’m guessing yes.

Now, many people were wondering where the story was going to go after The Dark Knight.  You have to imagine that initially, Nolan had a two-film story arc that featured The Joker.  With events transpiring the way that they have, there now has to be another way to wrap up the series.

What looks to be done here is:

Batman Begins: Batman comes to Gotham, shuts down the League of Shadows’ first attempt at killing the city
The Dark Knight: Harvey Dent comes close to clearing up Gotham, The Joker takes out Dent and Batman with a diabolical scheme, throws the city back into chaos without Batman
The Dark Knight Rises: The League of Shadows sees that Gotham is at its weakest with Batman out of the picture. They strike.

The first of many “HOLY $H!T” moments in this trailer.  After a few seconds you realize that Jim Gordon is royally messed up in this picture.  Could he have been beaten by Bane? He’s coherant so you can say that he hasn’t been hit by Crane’s toxin (Scarecrow-style). But…what the hell happened to him? We know he’s talking to Bruce Wayne or Batman, but which one?  The conversation goes down like this…

Gordon – “We were in this together…then you were gone…now this evil rises…the Batman must come back.”

Wayne/Batman – “What if he doesn’t exist anymore?”

Gordon – “He must….he must.”

Now remember, this movie should be taking place immediately following the events of The Dark Knight, where Batman has confessed to killing several people, including cops.  He is on the run and is being hunted by Gordon, so in order for The Dark Knight to rise….who has to fall?

I have no idea what this is.  Either Wayne emerging from the new bat-cave or Bane emerging from his place in The League of Shadows.

Now THIS is what we have been waiting for. Tom Hardy as Bane!  Look carefully at the way even his mask is.  It looks to cover his entire mouth.  Now, as a conspiracy theorist, one way to think about this is by looking at the main plot of Batman Begins. The League of Shadows tries to take down Gotham through fear.  They use a plant, concentrate it and weaponize it.  There are a lot of plants out there, one could be used to create Bane and the physical specimen that he is.  That looks to be where Nolan is going with this one, not injecting massive amounts of “venom” through the head of a Brazilian prisoner, or allowing Uma Thurman to inject a death row inmate (I went there).  This is how Chris Nolan does work.

Inception meets Batman.  Fanboys wet themselves in public before crying during Harry Potter.

With this title, rhythmic chanting is heard in the back, the same chanting that led viewers to TDKR‘s twitter page ( to get the first image of Bane.  People thought that the chanting would only be part of the advertising campaign…obviously not.

Now here is the part that I have watched over and over again.  Batman looks completely gassed and exhausted.  He is backing up, which Batman never does.  About two seconds later, this crazy guy walks into the shot…

And then you realize that Batman is in serious trouble.  But regardless he puts up his dukes and is ready to fight.  Batman lore suggests that Bane breaks Batman’s back when he is weakest, and a lot of people believe that it will take place in this film.  It looks that it could happen in a scene like this.

The summer of 2012 just got 5,000 times cooler.

So that’s the end of the trailer. Now…who is missing?  Cotiard, Hathaway, Gordon-Levitt, three big names that are slated to be in this film are not in the trailer.  However, look at how The Dark Knight went through advertising.  They didn’t even show Harvey Dent in action until two months before the movie was released, let alone show Two-Face.  When the anticipation builds, so will the details surrounding these much-anticipated characters.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Let’s hear ’em below!


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