Retro Review: There’s Something About Mary

By: Emily Kellas

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Time has proven that there is something about… Cameron Diaz. This weekend the blond bombshells newest film, Bad Teacher, comes out in theaters. So as an homage to the girl next door this weeks retro review goes all the way back to 1998 with the comedy that helped put Diaz on the map, There’s Something About Mary. Directed by the Farrelly brothers, the film was one of the biggest comedy hits of the year. It had Americans not only paying attention to the glowing woman at the center of it all, but the type of comedy it seemed to bring to the forefront of the silver screen. There’s Something About Mary brought the subtle gross out humor of the 1980’s classics like Animal House, and Porky’s full force into the 1990’s and stepping it up a notch, a very disturbing and simultaneously ridiculous notch.

Ted (Ben Stiller) is out to finally find the love he let go in high school to embarrassment, and awkward social hierarchy. He hires a private investigator Healy (Matt Dillon) to find Mary (Cameron Diaz). What Ted doesn’t count on is that Healy to finds himself in love with the young fun and fearless girl. Healy begins to provides Ted with false information in order to lead him away from his old crush. Though Ted still manages to reconnect with Mary, he now must compete for her attention with Healy and another potential admirer. All in all Mary’s suitors are many, their lies are great, and the humor is outrageous.
Funny from beginning to end this film will have you crying laughing, while quoting one liners for weeks with your buddies. It has yielded many classic comedic scenes that have earned a place in gross out film history. From the “Hair Gel” scene, to the many dog scene’s There’s Something About Mary ushered in a new era of the male gross out film. It has remained an inspiration for the newer comedies by Judd Apatow, and others. All geared to the inherent human tendency to find anything in the realm of bodily fluids, accidents, and certain body parts as incredibly humorous. Though some films get it wrong by solely showing those ridiculously grotesque moments, There’s Something About Mary manages to incorporate them with witty commentary, and comedic irony.
The performances of Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller were so funny and genuine that the film helped make both of their careers long lasting ones. Diaz’s bubbly personality, athleticism, and stunning good looks made her instantly believeable as the siren able to attract the various men in her life. Stiller’s dorky mannerism’s are so on par that you almost believe he actually did get his… man parts stuck in his zipper on prom. Though not known for its classic cinematogry and camera work, There’s Something About Mary does what it set out to do, shock and make people around the world spit take their $7 theater sodas.
There’s Something About Mary was a definite hit for Cameron Diaz, and a true career milestone. And as she keep her career chugging along with Bad Teacher, lets just see how it stacks up to the rest of her comedic endeavors. With that make sure you get your hair style just right, as you sit down to watch 1998’s hit, There’s Something About Mary.


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