Super 8 Review #2

By: Emily Kellas
Rating: 9 out of 10

Finally after a dismal display of sub-par films at the beginning of this summer season, a beacon of cinematic pleasure has shown us the way, Super 8.

For months mystery and suspense has surrounded the films content, generating press due almost solely on the dynamic combination of J.J. Abrams, the films director, and Stephen Spielberg, it’s producer. With two blockbuster superstars leading the way Super 8 doesn’t disappoint.

Super 8 follows a group of young kids as they film a movie for a local competition. While filming a scene down by the old train station a train collides with a truck on the tracks destroying the area, and spilling its contents. Soon enough the government infiltrates the small town of Lillian, Ohio as strange occurrences begin to turn its citizens lives upside down. It is left up to the kids to piece together the mystery and save their town from sure destruction.

 Super 8 transports the viewer right back to the era of the great 1970’s Summer blockbusters, maybe its because the film is set in 1979, or maybe it’s because of Spielberg,or the lack of really big name actors but I believe it’s just because the film is both entertaining and extremely well made.

The young cast of no name actors carries the film flawlessly. Joel Courtney, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, Riley Griffiths, Gabriel Basso, and Elle Fanning round out the group of unlikely heroes, all are sure to gain plenty of work stemming from their breakthrough work with Super 8.

Not only do they portray the average, believable 12 year-olds, but they do it with humor and emotion. Kyle Chandler of TV’s Friday Night Lights fame, is the picture of crumbling strength as the bombarded Sheriff deputy.

The camera work used in this film is what really sets it apart from the previous summer release duds. Beautifully detailed, with saturated color, the camera work took this family film to an entirely new level. It complimented the intriguing story that gave audiences a part to play as the kids slowly but surely come across more and more information about the cargo dumped in the train crash that night. Intertwining 70’s nostalgia, mystery, romance, drama, and action formed a well rounded film that hit all the bases for and entertaining blockbuster.

Exciting, funny, intriguing and action packed this film is the perfect summer movie for the whole family. It remains the first anticipated film of the season to rise to its high expectations, and perhaps even surpassing them. Although its safe to say that a rustling bush, or a noise in the night may have you alert and on edge for a few days, Super 8 is more than worth it.


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  1. All the elements seemed to be there: the teens friends, the suburban environment, the secrets “grown-ups” are not supposed to know about, the bicycles, the fat kid, the bad US army, the single parents, even the same time period (1979) and the same style of cinematography (night-time flares on the lens) and big soundtrack (a rousing score, mixed in with gentle and intimate piano cues).
    But are all those elements enough to reach the perfection of films like E.T? If you were cooking from a recipes book and you had all the right ingredients, would you still get it the cake right? You can easily guess the answer.There was really nothing massively wrong with Super 8 (the film is well done, well acted, is even under two hours and I’m sure it will please most of the crowds out there), but sadly there was also nothing original or surprising either.
    I liked it, and I loved it’s intentions, but I couldn’t really love the film.
    My full review

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