Super 8 Review

By Andy Chruscicki
Rating: 9 out of 10

Laurel and Hardy, Batman and Robin, Abbott and Costello and now with the release of Super 8, Hollywood may have just found its next best duo. JJ Abrams and the legendary Steven Spielberg have teamed up on Super 8 as director and producer respectively to create a fantastic film that shows what a blockbuster truly is and what it should be.

Soon after losing his mother, Joe Lamb (new comer Joel Courtney) is asked by his best friends (played by a colorful group of new comers) to help make a film for a local film competition. Despite his fathers wishes for him to go to a summer camp, Joel and his friends proceed to make the film.

However, one night while filming at the local train station, the group witnesses a massive train crash. Soon after, odd occurrences start taking place and the group of friends begin to the train crash they witnessed was no accident. As Joel and his friends as well as his sheriff father (Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights) begin to uncover the truth which is something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.

The best part about Super 8 is the fact that it is just not stop excitement from beginning to end. It also delivers the kind of thrills that don’t necessarily terrify but rather the ones that leave you with a smile on your face because even though you may have jumped, it was a fun scare.

The visuals are also stunning. Not to give too much away, but the train crash sequence is not only beautiful but breath-taking and very well executed and will hopefully be a scene that many will be talking about.

Fans of previous Spielberg films will definitely appreciate Super 8. While watching the film they won’t be able to help but notice similarities to his previous works. They don’t bog the movie down at all but instead will being about a feeling or nostalgia. Fans of Spielberg and Abrams will also be able to notice things that the two always do in their films.

One of these just happens to be Abrams biggest flaw and that is his uncanny habit of trying to over-develop all of his characters. One will notice this with Joe’s friends because he tries to hard to have them do too much when in reality they are fine as just supporting characters. They are important, but not to the extent that Abrams seems to want them to be.

Abrams has done a very good job already with previous films he has directed such as Cloverfield and Star Trek. However, Super 8 may finally be his ticket to becoming one of the biggest directors in Hollywood. He has crafted a very enticing and entertaining film that many will enjoy.

There are no weak performances by the cast of Super 8. The experienced actors are good and the young actors deliver some dynamite lines as well as having the ability to carry the movie despite the absence of older actors. Having the younger cast also helps the authenticity of the film and makes the film seem overall more realistic.

Some may also find the resolution of the film to fall flat and possibly be unsatisfying. Upon reflection however, one may find the end to be sensible as well as being very fulfilling.

Fans of Spielberg, Abrams and summer blockbusters alike will enjoy Super 8. It is an original and fun ride from beginning to end that will not disappoint.


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