Box Office Recap – May 20-22

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides opened to a lackluster box office draw, falling short of expectations on its first weekend.  However, several realeases managed to keep pace, resulting in a good overall weekend for the box office.

Here are the numbers from the weekend, with the crew’s take after the break:

1.) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $90.1 Million
2.) Bridesmaids – $21.1 Million
3.) Thor – $15.5 Million
4.) Fast Five – $10.6 Million
5.) Rio – $4.7 Million
6.) Priest – $4.6 Million
7.)Jumping the Broom – $3.7 Million
8.) Something Borrowed – $3.4 Million
9.) Water for Elephants – $2.2 Million
10.) Madea’s Big Happy Family – $1.0 Million

Monty’s Take

Here is how all four Pirates movies did in their first weekend:

Curse of the Black Pearl – $46.6 Million
Dead Man’s Chest – $135.6 Million
At World’s End – $114.7 Million
On Stranger Tides – $90.2 Million

Now, in comparison to Curse, Tides looks like it did better. But then you need to factor in the 3D costs and inflating ticket prices, and those two are about the same.  It seems that Disney’s grand scheme to resurrect the franchise is not going where they want it to be.  For Pirates: OST to be seen as a success, it should have hit somewhere around $111.3 Mil. in its first weekend. I’m expecting a huge drop over the next week.

Bridesmaids surprised me, dropping only 19.77% in its third week of release.  With comedies, the drop is closer to 30-40%. Hopefully this means that this critically-acclaimed film can have some additional staying power.

If Marvel wasn’t optimistic about this summer, they should be now.  With Thor already at around $150 Mil and X-Men First Class getting great reviews and becoming more heavily anticipated by the day, it looks to be a good summer for Marvel Studios.  Now its time to get nervous about Captain America.


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