Box Office Recap: May 16

Another week, another big gain for Thor.  Here is how the top ten fell this past weekend.  Hit the break for the crew’s take.

Box Office: May 13-May 15

1.) Thor – $34.7 Million
2.) Bridesmaids – $26.2 Million
3.) Fast Five – $20.4 Million
4.) Priest – $14.9 Million
5.) Rio – $8.3 Million
6.) Jumping the Broom – $7.1 Million
7.) Something Borrowed – $8.9 Million
8.) Water for Elephants – $4.2 Million
9.) Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family  – $2.2 Million
10.) Soul Surfer – $1.8 Million

Monty’s Take

It comes as somewhat of a surprise that Thor was able to hang on so well over the last weekend. An impressive $24 Million dollar tally over Friday and Saturday means that this film should not be going anywhere.  Overall, having a Saturday gain that was only a 35% reduction over the previous week means that people are still eager to see Thor.

Bridesmaids was a victim of its own creation.  Not necessarily slated to be a big-market release until it started to get rave reviews, the crowds were less than expected.  I saw Bridesmaids as a film that could easily gather $35 Million.

Priest bombed. Is anyone surprised?

I’m interested to see how next week will go.  The box office should explode with the release of the new Pirates of the Carribean film, but we’ve said that before, and although the initial release held strong, the movie fizzled out quick.  Only time will tell.


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