Trailer of the Day: Final Destination 5

yeah….we didn’t know this was coming out either.  Usually, when a film title such as The Final Destination hits theaters, you think that means the series is coming to a close.  But, why would they do that? There are so many more people to kill, and so little time to do it.  Regardless, here is the new trailer for Final Destination 5.  It is not  for the squeemish. The crew’s opinion after the break.

Monty’s Take

The set piece of the bridge collapse is easily the most advanced one that I have seen this series do since the highway accident in Final Destination 2.  It should be interesting how they work it.  Besides that, I saw nothing that really interested me about this movie.  I lost interest in the series after Final Destination 3, and The Final Destination was just a joke.  Maybe this is the turnaround that the series needs, or it will simply be another waste of time for moviegoers.


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