Retro Review- Almost Famous

By: Emily Kellas

Rating: 9 out of 10

“I am a golden god,” has become one of my most beloved movie quotes of all time. And whenever someone understands the reference I know we are instant friends brought together by a shared love of this week’s retro review, Almost Famous. This 2000 film directed by Cameron Crowe, was a hit during award season yet some how slipped under the radar of the American public. It has slowly gained what I would say is a cult following, while giving Kate Hudson her break out roll. The film is packed with famous faces from Billy Crudup to Frances McDormand, Jason Lee to Philip Seymour Hoffman the cast is perfect. With an excellent cast and director Almost Famous has become one of the bestHollywood films to depict one of the greatest eras for rock and roll.

Almost Famous is the story of young William Miller, a high school kid who’s dream to be a rock journalist is realized when he is somehow contracted by “Rolling Stone” magazine to follow an up and coming band, Stillwater, during their tour. His inexperience aside William dives head first into the world of rock and roll, as he discovers what goes on behind the scenes including the usual culprits sex, alcohol, and drugs.

The film is saturated with fantastic performances by the talented cast mentioned earlier. Newcomer Patrick Fugit plays the naïve, and determined William Miller well, making this reviewer wonder what he has done since the release of this film. Of course this has been perhaps Kate Hudson’s best performance, since she hit the scene. She was both daring and vulnerable making the character ofPenny Lanerelatable and endearing. The rest of the supporting cast, including the members of the fake band,Stillwater, were incredible.

The film’s music is something that makes it certainly stand out from the rest of the films released in 2000. Riddled with late 1960’s and early 1970’s rock and roll Almost Famous uses the music to set the mood and paint the picture of the time period. Whether it’s Elton John or Iggy Pop the music runs the gamete.

Almost Famous is a fun movie that documents a moment in time where the only thing that mattered was the music. Combining the acting, and the music, along with the on par editing and composition the film is a must see for any rock and roll fan.


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