Updated R2R Tournament: West Region

With the first round complete, we thought it would be a good idea to let the viewers know where we stand at the end of one round.  Remember that only your votes are what decides this tournament, so keep voting for your favorite movies!

(1) Citizen Kane
(1) Citizen Kane
(8) Black Hawk Down
(5) Fargo
(4) Casablanca
(4) Casablanca
(6) District-9
(3) Empire Strikes Back
(3) The Empire Strikes Back
(2) The Godfather – Part II
(7) The Dark Knight
(7) Th e Dark Knight
(1) Saving Private Ryan
(1) Saving Private
(8) It Happened One Night
(5) West Side Story
(4) The Departed
(4) The Departed
(6) The Hurt Locker
(3) Good, Bad, Ugly
(3) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
(2) Psycho
(2) Psycho
(7) City Lights

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