Battle: Los Angeles Review – Second Opinion

By: Bryan Montgomery
Rating: 8 out of 10

Summer came early this year.

Battle: Los Angeles is all that makes summer movies so entertaining, great visuals, loud sound, and an entertaining story.  Despite its numerous shortfalls, audiences will flock to this film because it is fun, and that is how it should be regarded.  Battle: Los Angeles is a rip-roaring, guns blazing actioner that will not disappoint.

Staff Sargant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) leads his squad against an otherworldly military force as aliens invade Los Angeles.  With major industrial areas being taken out left and right, it is up to Nantz’s forces to draw the line against the invaders.

The film is meant to have no plot and have really bad dialogue, but in the same vein, it is meant to be fun, which is where I believe Battle: Los Angeles distinguishes itself from the crowd.  Knowing what you are and what kind of film you are making is a major piece towards how the audience will react, and Battle: Los Angeles is simply fun.

The action is top-notch, as are the visuals.  The aliens are not exactly what one would expect, but that is a good thing in some ways, it is good to have variety in this constantly changing apparatus towards what extra-terrestrials are.  This movie has been defined as Black Hawk Down mixed with Independence Day, which it certainly is.  The chaos on the battlefield may be hard to follow sometimes, but it is a piece of what has become a constant during the current era of war films, a loose action following helping to maintain the imagery of complete chaos.

Battle: Los Angeles will be remembered for how the film sounds and how the film looks.  The soundtrack is amazing, and in a theater, I can honestly say that I haven’t had a better auditory experience in years.  If you want an experience in a theater and a blu-ray tech demo disc in waiting, Battle: Los Angeles is that movie that has to be seen in theaters to be fully enjoyed.

If you are going into the movie expecting the next great war movie, you’re going to be immensely disappointed. This movie goes so far into stereotypical war movie that it is somewhat humorous to see.  For example, all of the stereotypical roles are in this film. From the soldier who has a baby on the way with his young wife, to the soldier working on getting married, to the commander who is on his “final mission”.  They are all there, and so is the terrible dialogue expected with standard popcorn action movies.

Battle: Los Angeles is one hell of a ride.  Once the action starts it does not stop until the final credits roll, and it is a great film for that reason. It’s not perfect, it won’t win any acting awards, but it is fun. Battle: Los Angeles will definitely hold you over until the summer season begins.


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