Box Office Preview: 3/18

Three new films come this weekend but are any of them good enough to knock Battle: Los Angeles from the top spot?  Hit the jump to find out.


What It’s About: Eddie, a struggling writer (Bradley Cooper of The Hangover) begins taking a new experimental drug that allows him to access his full potential allowing him to lead a completely new lifestyle.  This doesn’t go unnoticed as Eddie soon comes under suspicion from corporate mogul Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro).

Why It Could Be Awesome: This looks like it could be a cool new concept for a thriller if it is done right.

Why It Could Be Real Bad: It may look like it could be great but has the potential to end up being very disappointing expectation wise.

The Lincoln Lawyer

What It’s About: Defense lawyer Michael Haller (Matthew McConaughey) latest case is proving a rich Beverly Hills man (Ryan Phillippe) is not guilty of beating a prostitute. As the case goes on, Haller soon discovers that he may have been hired for this case for a specific reason that could land him in trouble.

Why It Could Be Awesome: Much like Limitless, this could be a cool new take on the court room film genre.

Why It Could Be Real Bad: It seems to stereotypical in nature to be any good.  The films premise seems like it’s been done before and doesn’t need to be done again


What It’s About: Two slacker friends traveling across the country in an RV discover an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen).  The three soon find themselves being hunted by two government agents who want Paul.

Why It Could Be Awesome: Paul looks like it could end up being very funny and the duo of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have delivered some solid comedies in the past (Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead).

Why It Could Be Real Bad:If Pegg and Frost incorporate Rogen’s overused brand of stoner humor, it will make the film nothing more than dumb and mindless.

Where Everything Will Land:

(New Films In Bold)

1. Battle: Los Angeles – $19.4 million

2. Limitless – $15.6 million

3. Paul – $14 million

4. Rango – $13.5 million

5. The Lincoln Lawyer – $11.7 million

6. The Adjustment Bureau – $7.8 million

7. Red Riding Hood – $7 million

8. Mars Needs Moms – $4 million

9. Beastly – $3.0 million

10. Hall Pass – $2.5 million


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