The Adjustment Bureau – Second Opinion

By: Emily Kellas
Rating:7 out of 10

People always say “the universe has a plan for you,” or “it must be fate” but for most of us, they usually remain just that, sayings. This weekend a new film has taken those sayings and created an interesting concept on the ways in which our fate is determined. The directorial debut of writer/producer Christopher Nolfi The Adjustment Bureau, though grand in concept, falls short of its potential.

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Four Hollywood Brockport Alumni Coming to Campus!

What is sure to be cool news for all of you Golden Eagles out there, Brockport Alumnus and Hollywood actors William Fichtner ’78, Jesse Goins ’74, Stu Krieger ’73, and Paul Pape ’74 are coming to the Brockport Campus Friday, April 3rd at the Tower Arts Center.  Video is posted below, with details upcoming.

Hollywood Actors coming to Brockport