Box Office Preview

Not sure what to see this weekend?  Hit the jump and take a look at the three new releases coming out this weekend!

This week offers us three new films, check out their descriptions and trailer below!

Battle: Los Angeles

What It’s About: Aliens begin attacking the earth and decimate most of it in the process.  Los Angeles then becomes the last stand for humanity and it is up to a Marine staff sargent (Aaron Eckhart) and his platoon to lead the rebellion against the invaders.

Why It Could Be Awesome: From the looks of the trailers and commercials, this movie looks like it could be the most intense alien invasion film in years.

Why It Could Be Real Bad: Something about this film seems too good to be true and it could end up not delivering on expectations and really disappoint.

Red Riding Hood

What It’s About: After her sister is murdered by the town werewolf, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried, Mean Girls) starts to suspect that the werewolf, who can take human form, is someone she is very close to and that puts her under the suspicion of the local werewolf hunter.

Why It Could Be Awesome: It looks like it could be a cool new take on the old Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale.

Why It Could Be Real Bad: It might be a real lame adaptation that may ruin your childhood memories of the story.

Mars Needs Moms

What It’s About: When Milo’s (voiced by Seth Green) mom is kidnapped by aliens, he goes on a journey to get to her back in this 3D animated adventure.

Why It Could Be Awesome: Disney does know how to make a quality family film and this looks like it could be no exception.

Why It Could Be Real Bad: Even Disney has some bombs and this has potential to not find any crowd because of Rango and poor advertising.

Where everything will end up (new films in Bold) :

1 ) Battle: Los Angeles

2 ) Rango

3 ) Red Riding Hood

4 ) Mars Needs Moms

5 ) The Adjustment Bureau

6 ) Hall Pass

7 ) The King’s Speech

8 ) Gnomeo & Juliet

9 ) Beastly

10 ) Just Go With It


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