RED – Second Opinion

By: Jim Weekes
Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Red is one of those rare action films that’s both entertaining and actually decent in the writing department.  The plot revolves around a group of retired C.I.A. agents (played by an ensemble cast) who are forced to get back into the game when they find themselves to be the target of a conspiracy.

The film is this year’s Kick-Ass essentially; just make all the main characters old people instead of angst-ridden youngsters and it’s pretty much the same. Red certainly has all the grit and edge of a dark graphic novel, but in the end it’s nothing spectacular or original. It’s just a lot of fun, especially for a date movie or for a group of friends.

The thing that kind of bugged me was the film’s last 30 minutes, which kind of faltered in its intensity.  Plus things get pretty convoluted and complex in the scheme of things. It would have been better to keep things a little more simple. Luckily this only really happens in the end and doesn’t turn the movie into a repeat of Smoking Aces; a great concept destroyed by a mixed bag of elements and terrible drama.

Now, as previously mentioned, the movie is in fact an action film with a bit of dark comedy, and the action does not disappoint. I found myself on the edge of my seat during some of the bigger sequences, including an awesome scene where Bruce Willis’ character steps out of a police car in mid spin and starts shooting at an opposing vehicle. This is just one of the examples of clever and outrageous action moments that make this film very true to the audacious style of the graphic novel this film is based on, as well as other graphic novel to film adaptations.

In the end, Red is what it is, a really fun, entertaining action comedy with a great cast, and some decent writing. Expect this movie to be exactly that, entertainment and nothing more. Would I watch it again, possibly. Should you? Sure. It’s better than half the stuff that has come out in the last couple years so that’s a plus, but don’t expect something as ass kicking as Kick-Ass or even Scott Pilgrim, which are some of this year’s better graphic novel to film fair.

Red is available now on dvd and blu-ray.


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