Oscars Live Blog

What is up everyone, Monty here getting ready for the Super Bowl of film, keep it locked into Reel-2-Reality throughout for random quips and up-to-the-minute award updates!

*Follow the Break for all of the postings from the crazy night at the Academy*

(11:43 p.m.) Keep it locked in for the rest of the week as we digest all the great stuff that went down tonight, everything from the set to the awards to the speeches, and we are going to also have some great posts up this week. Thanks again and have a great night!

– Monty

(11:42 p.m.) Well that is it everyone, thank you SO MUCH for reading the live blog, this was fun, and I hope you all enjoyed it.  Totally off topic, they are playing OKLAHOMA in the background (Shout out to the 2006 Cast of that at Camden High School )

(11:40 p.m.) That was a great way to end it, with all of the academy winners taking the stage together. The best thing about that was how it conveyed that dreams are always obtainable.  Cheesy but still kinda cool.

(11:39 p.m.) I was hoping for “Wish Upon a Star”, so I’m somewhat disappointing.  Let’s see what special thing they do here at the end or what celebrity they bring in.

(11:38 p.m.) A great show, Hathaway and Franco did pretty good, a full breakdown will be coming up over the next few days.

(11:35 p.m.) BEST PICTURE – THE KING’S SPEECH.  Five weeks ago, everything was about The Social Network and how it was going to clean house.  But slowly but surely, all of us who watch movies and are part of the critic’s world knew that there was a beast growing in The King’s Speech.

(11:35 p.m.) What an amazing, incredible Montage.  WOW.

(11:34 p.m.) “You’re waiting for a train…One that will Take you far, far away.  You do not know where this train will take you, but it doesn’t matter.  Why? Because we’ll be together.”

(11:33 p.m.) Spielberg just mentioned some of the best movies that have NEVER won Oscars – We are putting up a post of the top ten best movies that have never won Oscars very soon, written by our own Emily Kellas.

(11:32 p.m.) This is amazing, this is always my favorite time of the whole night. I get goosebumps.

(11:31 p.m.) I don’t know what’s better – Anne Hathaway’s dress or the Jurassic Park music.

(11:28 p.m.) Overall so far a great ceremony.  I am very interested to see where this Best Picture is going to go.  You can tell Colin Firth is absolutely overwhelmed.

(11:24 p.m.) Best Actor – Colin Firth – The King’s Speech.  Another man who has finally reached the precipice of his career.  Another actor who has been long overdue.

(11:25 p.m.) I still do not know why Franco didn’t get nominated for Best Supporting Actor with Spider-Man 3. Just saying.

(11:24 p.m.) AWKBURGGGGGGGG.

(11:22 p.m.) No matter how good Jeff Bridges was…and he was damn good…he will not beat John Wayne, I’m sorry but that was Wayne’s defining role.

(11:21 p.m.) Javier Bardem does an absolutely kick-ass job playing the creepiest people ever.  By the way…WHERE WAS JOSEPH-GORDON LEVITT in this?

(11:20 p.m.) The biggest one of the night, this award can easily to to Jesse Eisenberg or Colin Firth.

(11:19 p.m.) Natalie Portman still looks hot.

(11:16 p.m.) Best Actress – Natalie Portman – Black Swan. Amazing, absolutely amazing.  She has been in the spotlight ever since she was in Heat in 1995, Star Wars in 1999, 2002, 2005, not to mention V for Vendetta in 2006.  So many roles, such great talent, finally realized.  Darren Aronofsky’s vision was finally perfected by an incredible actress. Awesome.

(11:14 p.m.) Will Natalie Portman – the “Bridesmaid?” finally be “The Bride?”

(11:13 p.m.) I still believe that this is the best way to go through the nominations.  Bridges is a great person to go person-by-person.  Jennifer Lawrence looks to be the rising star.

(11:10 p.m.) Now, everyone…do not get your anticipation of Portman winning the oscar ready just yet.  Remember that Mickey Rourke was nominated for an Aronofsky film, and he also swept big awards but he still lost the Oscar to another dark horse.  Do NOT count Bening out.

(11:07 p.m.) Francis Ford Coppola is an absolute legend.  He is one of the best directors of all time, and as George Lucas put it, he is “The Light”.

(11:05 p.m.) My mom is going to read this and go “Tom Hooper won Best Director by listening to his Mother, now do the dishes.”

(11:04 p.m.) I am absolutey shocked right now. That was the one thing that I was not expecting.  This is the equivalent of Crash winning in 2005.

(11:03 p.m.) Best Director – Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech – THE ABSOLUTE SHOCKER OF THE NIGHT! David Fincher has SWEPT the awards and gets the absolute shaft in this award. Congrats to Hooper, an award well deserved. WOW.

(11:02 p.m.) I’m going back to the NBA games because this was a fixed category.  How did Nolan NOT get a nod?

(11:01 p.m.) How you know you’re really, really tired: You think that Anne Hathaway says “Two-time Academy Award Winner Hillary Duff!”…It was Swank.

(11:00 p.m.) Once again, Dianne Maerz: “I sincerely hope James Franco has changed his shirt by the time this commercial ends”

(10:58 p.m.) Well now that we all feel depressed and nostalgic…it’s time for the best time of the night – THE BIG FOUR.

(10:55 p.m.) Irwin Kershner – Thank you. I don’t think I had the chance to say that, but he is the reason why I do what I do. The Empire Strikes Back was how you do a sequel.

(10:54 p.m.) I didn’t even know that Pete Postlethwaite passed away.  That’s a terrible shame, he was getting great roles such as The Town.

(10:53 p.m.) I really, really, really miss Leslie Nielsen.

(10:52 p.m.) All of these incredible people are rolling in their grave because Dion is singing their tribute.  Lionel Jeffries wants to hop out and stab that canadian.

(10:50 p.m.) I was wrong before – With the Randy Newman upset, I tied in my tiebreakers, and I do not have to buy my friend dinner. THANK GOD! Strangers No More, you are forgiven.

(10:46 p.m.) Best Original Song goes to Randy Newman – We Belong Together. Randy Newman is the best speaker ever. Also, all I can think of are his transposed songs on Family Guy.

(10:46 p.m.) There we go Randy Newman!

(10:45 p.m.) You can tell that Paltrow was so nervous.

(10:42 p.m.) This is a solid song – Much better than Jai Ho.

(10:41 p.m.) By the way, The Knicks are about to beat the Heat. YES. That led to a shoulder jump between me and my housemate.  Absolutely embarassing.

(10:35 p.m.) Best Film Editing goes to The Social Network. Only one more for The Social Network and then their night should be over…(I am referencing director)

(10:34 p.m.) Best Visual Effects goes to Inception.  YES I can go to bed happy now.

(10:33 p.m.) I was worried they weren’t going to count the rotating hallway. Competition over, it’s gotta go to Inception.

(10:31 p.m.) As soon as Robert Downey Jr. gets onstage – immediately legendary stuff.  I cannot wait for Sherlock Holmes 2 that officially got me excited.

(10:30 p.m.) Now that is cool.  Holographic Bob Hart. Top that, James Cameron!

(10:29 p.m.) Bob Hope – R.I.P. I only wish I had the pleasure and privilege of having you flip me off in a public setting.

(10:28 p.m.) Billy Crystal is absolutely hilarious.  He’s my favorite Yankee.

(10:26 p.m.) As long as Anne Hathaway wears that dress I CANNOT FOCUS!

(10:21 p.m.) Best Documentary Feature goes to Inside Job.  Another incredible first-line statement, telling Financial Powerhouses to just shove it.

(10:20 p.m.) Oprah can turn s*** into diamonds. (I need to make this kid-friendly)

(10:19 p.m.) Um….that auto-tune segment was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  If the Academy wants to make over $50.4 Million dollars in the next 24 hours, put that on ITunes.

(10:17 p.m.) Best Short Film (Live Action) goes to God of Love. Hands down, best opening line to a acceptance speech ever “I should have cut my hair” FTW.

(10:15 p.m.) Best Documentary (Short Subject) goes to Strangers No More.  With that, I have officially lost my Oscar Pool. This sucks.  I am never watching that film ever, it is so disgraceful to me Strangers No More is the new Bill Buckner play.

(10:14 p.m.) Comment from friend and fellow movie fan Dianne Maerz “whose terrrrible idea was it to put james franco in that gray shirt he looked like death”

(10:07 p.m.) Since when was Mandy Moore still relevent?  Since when could Chuck sing?

(10:03 p.m.) RANDY NEWMAN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!

(10:02 p.m.)Way to go Obama.

(10:01 p.m.) I have an automatic rule in my house.  The second Celine Dion goes into my ear, the TV goes on Mute.

(10:00 p.m.) Is anyone still pissed off Nolan didn’t get the nod for Best Director? I am.

(9:59 p.m.) Best Costume Design – Alice in Wonderland.  Definitely a good award.  Colleen Atwood is the weirdest person ever, and is the person who all of the entertainment people in the world sees as the favorite for a wardrobe malfunction.

(9:57 p.m.) Best Makeup goes to The Wolfman. Did  anyone else just notice that the scene they showed of The Wolfman was exclusively special effects?

(9:55 p.m.) Everytime that I see one of these movies that were famous, I immediately want to watch that movie.  On the list for tonight…The Dark Knight, Titanic, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

(9:55 p.m.) Wow, James Franco, way to be a douche.

(9:50 p.m.) Best Sound Editing goes to Inception…..YES!

(9:48 p.m.) Best Sound Mixing goes to Inception. ……yes.

(9:47 p.m.) It better be Inception

(9:44 p.m.) Best Original Score goes to The Social Network.  Any one of those five scores could have one, absolute stacked category this year.  I don’t know about you but the Inception soundtrack made me want to rage.

(9:42 p.m.) Okay, that music medley was absolutely sick.

(9:33 p.m.) Good job, Bale making a reference to his Terminator: Salvation snafuu.

(9:32 p.m.) Best Supporting Actor goes to Christian Bale for The Fighter.  IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME!

(9:30 p.m.) Everyone start your “Let’s Go Batman!” Chants!

(9:29 p.m.) PA ANNOUNCER FAIL!

(9:27 p.m.) Best Foreign Language Film goes to In a Better World, from Denmark.  As an American, it is great to see Canada finally lose again.

(9:25 p.m.) And thank you, James Franco for lowering the Testosterone of the entire country.

(9:24 p.m.) Great singing by Anne Hathaway.  I think all the guys were anticipating a Wolverine reference.

(9:20 p.m.) That was an incredible speech, the best of the night.  And coming up next…Best Supporting Actor!

(9:18 p.m.) Best Original Screenplay goes to The King’s Speech. Shit.

(9:18 p.m.) GO INCEPTION!


(9:16 p.m.) Best Adapted Screenplay – The Social Network

(9:13 p.m.) It is good that Bardem and Brolin can be on stage together without shooting at one eachother.

(9:08 p.m.) Great speech by Unkrich.

(9:06 p.m.) In the SHOCKER of the night….Toy Story 3 wins Animated Feature.  Great movie, great trilogy, perhaps the best ever. What makes this all the more impressive is how a different director won this.

(9:03 p.m.) The award for Best Animated Short goes to The Lost Thing.

(8:59 p.m.) And a terrible speech is made fifteen times better by profanity.

(8:55 p.m.) Best Supporting Actress goes to Melissa Leo for The Fighter.

(8:53 p.m.) Absolute legend coming onstage.  So great to see he is still kicking.

(8:46 p.m.) Second award of the night, cinematography goes to INCEPTION! Excuse me while I express my hapiness…


It’s about time that a Christopher Nolan-directed flick got some rep.

(8:44 p.m.) First Award of the night goes to Alice in Wonderland for Best Art Direction.  This is somewhat infuriating, because in all of my Oscar pools, I did not pick this movie.  DAMN IT!

(8:42 p.m.) Okay, that was the coolest thing that has happened to Titanic since 1997. That was sick.

(8:38 p.m.) I don’t know if you caught this from the podcasts, but Anne Hathaway is gorgeous.

(8:35 p.m.) Okay…this is a good start, I think that this opening segment is absolutely hilarious.

(8:25 p.m.) Halle Barry needs to learn that if the microphone is away from your face…people CANNOT hear you!

(8:21 p.m.) This is the first update.  I am eating Taco Bell and it is delicious.


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  1. Sarcasm? Sarcasm? I can’t believe it.

    But in all (non) seriousness, think the following video contains the clear winner for Best Actor. I thought Bosh was earlier in the week, but I’ve been converted:

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