Oscars 2011: Countdown to the Throw Down – Best Picture

And we have reached the finale of our little side show – Best Picture at the Oscars.  No reason to beat around the bush, let’s get to it.

Best Picture:

The Nominees Are:

–          Black Swan
–          The Fighter
–          Inception
–          The Kids Are All Right
–          The King’s Speech
–          127 Hours
–          The Social Network
–          Toy Story 3
–          True Grit
–          Winter’s Bone

How it All Breaks Down…According to Monty

This is not a ten-movie race, it is only a five horse race.  The actual nominees are:

–          Black Swan
–          The Fighter
–          The Kids are All Right
–          The King’s Speech
–          The Social Network

That’s it.  Anyone that says that True Grit has a chance is wrong. Toy Story 3…no animated film has ever won Best Picture.  But among the five best picture candidates, it is a war between The Social Network and The King’s Speech.  However, as of late the advantage is going to The King’s Speech, and that is where it looks the the Academy is going to go as well.

Bryan’s Pick by Default – The King’s Speech
Bryan’s Pick if Hell Freezes Over – Inception
Bryan’s Pick if the Academy Pulls their Head out of their Ass – The King’s Speech
Emily’s Pick – The Fighter
Jim’s Pick – The King’s Speech


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