Trailer of the Day: The Hangover – Part II

For all of you who loved the first Hangover film as much as the crew did, we are excited to help debut the trailer for The Hangover – Part II.  The comedy, opening May 26, takes the rules from the first film and puts it into Asia. Here’s the trailer below, hit read more for the crew’s take on the trailer:

Monty’s Take

I’m afraid of comedy sequels, I always have been.  This trailer has shown nothing to really either get me excited or depressed about this film, and the only thing I see different so far is that Alan has no hair, Stu has a facial tat, and there’s a monkey.  Although I have to say adding the monkey was a good piece.

Andy’s Take

I agree with Monty.  Comedy sequels aren’t usually a great idea and more likely than not they end up being a disappointment.  The original was hilarious and the best comedy of the decade by far.  This trailer doesn’t really give you anything except for something we already know: Alan (Zach Galifianakis) is a lovable idiot.  I’m withholding final judgment until I see something new or fresh.


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