Unstoppable Review

By: Bryan Montgomery
Rating: 8 out of 10

It’s a movie with a train going fast and simply obliterating anything that comes into its way.

Unstoppable, the newest film by Tony Scott, is a fast-paced action flick that will entertain the audiences, as long as you enter the movie with the right mindset. This is a mindless action flick, not an Oscar-winning spectacle.

It’s like Vertical Limit, only well shot, well acted and overall a lot of fun.

Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) is a long-time railroad employee. Will Colson (Chris Pine) is a rookie conductor, assigned to learn the ropes from Barnes. Unexpectedly, a half-mile long rain carrying highly combustible toxins is barreling top speed towards a highly populated area. Its a race against time to save a town from destruction.

Unstoppable is a movie that is what it looks to be; a hardcore, fast-paced action flick. Denzel and Pine both bring their A-game to the movie, and the effort shows. For a film in which the villain is not a person but an inanimate object, a high amount of effort had to be put forth to epitomize and light the train in a negative fashion. I have always been a massive fan of the way that Tony Scott directs a film, the shaky-cam ads a high degree of realism to the film and helps the transfer from observing the film to actually being placed inside the movie.

This is a film where everything that can go wrong frequently and terribly does. What results from this movie is a stacked plot line with a high degree of twists. From the first plot line involving actually losing the train to the final heroic effort of Barnes and Colson running the train down, the movie never stops until the exciting conclusion.

When it is said that the movie is fast paced, it is absolutely no mere statement. The movie is insanely fast paced, which is where an issue comes in. The movie looks to be over too fast, but the question is asked on whether or not it works. By the end of the movie, the action and excitement of the movie grabs a hold of you, and makes you want to see what is going to happen next. The ending is also somewhat formulaic, but by the time that the movie ends, you’re still gasping for air.

Unstoppable is one hell of a good time, and a good movie to spend a night out with. Although not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it is simply fun, and that is something that movie goers have forgotten over the years.


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