Top 5 Over-Used Romantic Comedy Themes

By Andy Chruscicki

Romantic comedies have been around in film dating back to the 1930s with films such as Trouble in Paradise and It Happened One Night.  When films such as these were released, they were fresh and something new for the public to see.  Something however has happened to these films over the past century.  What is it you ask?  THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!  I don’t know how many times I can be talking to someone and they ask if I have seen the most recent romantic comedy and I look at them and say “no but I bet I can tell you what happens to save myself 10 bucks.”  So in honor of the day after Valentine’s Day, I have come up with the five most overused themes in romantic comedies.  Click read more to see what they are.

5) Opposites always attract

Isn’t it funny how that works out?  Two people who in the real world would hate each other end up falling in love and not being able to live without the other?  C’mon lets be real here people, if a girl thinks a man is a pig there is no chance her opinion is going to change about him.  It might change a little, but not to the point where she falls in love with him.  Case and point in the clip below.

4) They never intended to hurt but they had to

This is the most realistic of all of the reasons because it has been uttered by more people that would like to admit to it.  Unfortunately for Rom Coms the scenarios that this phrase applies to are always ridiculous.  Wait, so you’re telling me the male lead didn’t want to lead a double life but he had to?  Here’s an idea, why do you just try being honest?  No, that’s crazy talk.  And sadly, one of the best comedies in a long time has this in it.  If you don’t remember, take a look at the clip below to jog your memory.

3) They always want what they can’t have

This just doesn’t make any sense.  Why can’t anyone just be happy with what they can have?  Why must the lead always strive for someone for their own selfish reasons?  Yes you can make the argument that if no one strived for the impossible where would we be and I agree.  Having said that, it doesn’t make sense to do something such as ruin someone else’s happiness just to make yourself happy.  Be an adult.  Don’t agree?  Perhaps the clip below will give u a better idea of what I am talking about.

2) The men are not realistic

Now don’t get me wrong, when I am in a relationship I am all about making my lady happy and keeping her that way.  But these male leads make sure set the bar impossibly high.  They are so well organized and meticulous it’s like they’re not even real!  Oh wait, they’re not!  Guys like that give other guys a bad name.  Gerard Butler is a perfect example in the clip below and if you’ve ever seen that movie you know what I am talking about.

1) They always end up together!!!

Wait, so you’re trying to tell me after being complete opposites, lying to each other, one of the two being completely unrealistic and one being selfish they still end up together?  Pretty believable I guess.  It’s especially believable when it is the end of every romantic comedy as well.  I feel like if the two people never ended up together a theater would explode or some natural disaster would occur.

This is why we can’t have nice things America because of dumb movies making things seem okay when they really aren’t and just tying things up at the end of movies just because we want to see two good looking people together.  The Proposal is the most recent and best example of this and I’m glad I saw it out of theaters because if I would have paid more than a nickel to see a movie I already knew the ending of I would have been livid.



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