RED Review


By: Bryan Montgomery
Rating: 7 out of 10

For a while now, the comic-book adaptation genre has brought in some unique films.  Sin City, Watchmen, and now RED all bring different things to the table, hoping to incite reaction and please audiences.  With its stellar cast, RED fails to create the best ever comic-book adaptation, falling short of expectations due to a lack of vision and many failed opportunities.

Frank Moses is a retired CIA analyst.  When the CIA attempts to kill him, he regroups his old team, also made up of retired secret agents, and attempt to resolve the problem.  They soon realize that they are in over their heads.

Obviously, you look at the poster, and you are shocked to see how many high-level actors and actresses are in this film.  You have Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis, along with a crazy John Malkovich.  What the trailers don’t show is Karl Urban and Richard Dryfuss, who also have pivotal roles in the film.  The casting isn’t the problem in this movie.  All the actors in the film play great roles and are totally believable in the parts that they play.

The film is totally action-packed from beginning to end, and the action scenes are very impressive to say the least.  It is good to see that Bruce Willis can still kick some tail if necessary.  Helen Mirren surprised a lot of people with her role in the film, as the woman known more for her role as Queen Elizabeth ends up shooting a mountable machine gun.  Karl Urban does a good job of being the bad guy and keeping the cast strong on both ends of the spectrum.  Even Mary-Louise Parker in a very small and mostly comedic role has her moments, as all of those in the film manage to keep a level head and play solid roles.

That said, this film could have been so much better.  It’s hard to put an exact point as what was wrong with this film, except for the fact that by the end, you just don’t care.  The movie turns from something that could have had sentimental value to just a 120 minute explosion fest.  That’s not necessarily a terrible, deal-breaking thing for this film, but it leaves you guessing what could happen if just a little more attention was paid to the film.

Overall, RED is worth a rental.  If you are a fan of the original DC source material, you’re going to find a lot to like in this movie.  The cast is strong and memorable, the action is good, but the film could have been better, and that is somewhat disappointing.  For a 2-hour long action-packed film, look no further than RED.  You might end up disappointed, but at least you’ll be thoroughly entertained.



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