Joseph Gordon-Levitt cast in The Dark Knight Rises!!

This past week it was announced the Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast as an unknown character in the upcoming sequel to The Dark Knight, called The Dark Knight Rises. Who will he play?  Check out the crew’s speculation after the jump.

Andy’s Take

The fact that he has been cast comes as no surprise.  He was fantastic in Inception and director Christopher Nolan has a knack for working with people more than once.  The hot rumor circling around the internet though is that he will play Edward Nigma, who in Batman lore turns in to the notorious villain, The Riddler.  However, with news coming last week that there will be two villains already in the movie (Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway and Bane played by Tom Hardy), the rumor begs the question if this film will get the Spider-Man 3 treatment and be overstuffed with villains?  My hope as of right now is no.  However, if anyone could pull it off, it is Nolan.  Until the facts are release all anyone can do is speculate.  However, great cast by Nolan and one thing for certain is this film is starting becoming more and more exciting as the weeks progress.

Monty’s Take

I took algebra in high school. I came up with this formula:

Bale + Hathaway + Freeman + Levitt – Eckhart = TDK Rises – Better than TDK? Who knows.

I’m holding all judgement until I see who JGL is playing in the film.  If it happens to be Nygma, my excitement meter is going to fly off the charts.


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