Box Office Predictions: February 4-6

Box office predictions are back!  The first weekend of February unfortunately doesn’t offer much but does at least offer us two new releases.  To see where they land click below….

This weekend, much like the the past couple weeks, doesn’t offer much to get excited about when it comes to new releases.  One of the two new offerings this weekend is The Roommate starring Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly.  It tells the story of what happens when a young girl goes to college only to find out that her roommate is completely obsessed with her.  No offense but this film was better the first time when it was called Single White Female.  The other new release is Sanctum telling the story of a group of cave explorers who get caught in caves in the South Pacific and have to find their way out to live.  Both of these films don’t sound very exciting but the fact that Sanctum was shot using James Cameron’s 3D cameras does add some interest.  From the sound of both of these films, it will more than likely be a quiet week at the box office.  They might have what it takes to take the number one and two spots, but dont expect their intake to be very high.  My predictions are (new films in Bold):

Andy’s Predictions:
1 ) The Roommate – 15.8 Million
2 ) Sanctum – 12.3 Million
3 ) No Strings Attached – 8.7 Million
4 ) The King’s Speech – 8.1 Million
5 ) The Rite – 7.2 Million
6 ) The Green Hornet – 6.5 Million
7 ) The Mechanic – 5.4 Million
8 ) True Grit – 4.6 Million
9 ) The Dilemma – 3.3 Million
10) Black Swan – 2.9 Million


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