Saw: The Final Chapter Review

By: Bryan Montgomery
Rating: 3.5 out of 10

2010 has been a disappointing year for film.  Many films have been on the precipice of greatness, only to fall short.  Saw: The Final Chapter was supposed to redeem the franchise.  Instead, it is the worst installment yet, and is a film that is sure to disappoint even the most avid of Saw fans.

Saw: The Final Chapter picks up right where Saw VI left off, (SPOILER ALERT) with half of Hoffman’s face hanging off and death all over the place.  Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a self-help guru who claims that he survived a Jigsaw trap.  While he is placed in Jigsaw’s newest trap, the police utilize the help of Jigsaw’s widow Jill Tuck in order to finally hunt down Jigsaw’s apprentice.

You’d think that after working the same premise for four movies, those that have made the Saw movies could get it right.  You have the main story arc with Tuck, Hoffman, and Jigsaw running, and then at the same time you have a different story dealing with the traps.  Saw: The Final Chapter screws both up royally.

The acting is bad, even for a Saw movie.  Flanery seems to be in it for the money more than anything, as the chief driving force behind how he acts changes every five second.  Chad Donella, who plays internal affairs detective Matt Gibson,is absolutely terrible in his role, and I believe that he changes his accent throughout the film three times.  Hoffman and Tuck do a good job of not allowing things to get too out of hand, as Hoffman’s complete craziness and homicidal nature shows more than ever in this installment.  The body count is huge, and in this film, trap deaths are the minority.

The grossest injustice in the series is present in this film.  Dr. Lawrence Gordon finally makes reappearance, played once again by Cary Elwes.   Dr. Gordon’s decent into madness and psychosis was what made the first movie so chilling and great.  He is destroyed as a character in this movie.  Only in the film for ten minutes, director Kevin Greutert jumps canyons with only inches of room to do it.

The traps are all right, not as good as some of those seen in past films.  The best in the film involves Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, and is a four-way trap that is certainly interesting to see how it ends.

Saw: The Final Chapter is a massive disappointment.  The story fails, the acting fails, and the series in fact fails, since in its supposed “final chapter” it opens up an entire new storyline that should be explored.  However, for most fans, you’ll leave Saw: The Final Chapter hoping that the series is done for good. Peace out, Jigsaw, you should have stayed dead.


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