Piranha Review

By: Bryan Montgomery
Rating: 7 out of 10

There are movies that come out every year for their pure shock value.  They are meant to temporarily entertain, and as a result, either succeed mightily or totally fail.  Piranha manages to succeed at this task, simply by making the most disgusting movie in years, satisfying gore fans out of complete shock factor.

In a world of usually short plot descriptions; Piranha needs one of the shortest ever.  There are people at Spring Break in Lake Victoria, Arizona.  An underground tremor wakes up prehistoric Piranhas.  They are hungry.  They feed. Chaos ensues.

When originally hearing about Piranha, a high amount of attention was paid to the humor inherent in the film.  Although there are plenty of humorous aspects, none of them seem forced.  What was done so well with this film was that it inconspicuously acted like it takes itself seriously when obviously it didn’t.  This is B-Horror at its best in recent years, go for the stomach and the eyes instead of heart and you have a good movie.

The movie keeps itself in first gear for a majority of the first half of the movie, one piranha attack here and there, but once things really ratchet up, it is like hitting a hot wheels with a monster truck.  If you are not a gore aficionado, then DON’T SEE THIS MOVIE! If you are, then buy it, rent it, because this is the king of gore movies over the last five years.  The Piranhas get into literally everything, and create some of the most gruesome deaths I have seen in years.  Body parts go flying everywhere, some that are usually seen in films, others that even I felt were a little over-the-top.  Regardless, Piranha is a blood bath and must be enjoyed in that fashion.

The acting is not going to get any awards, and if any individual goes into this film thinking that, then you shouldn’t be watching it.  That said the cast is surprisingly top heavy, with Elizabeth Shue, Ving Rhymes and Jerry O’Connell spear-heading the cast.  They help support the young actors in the film and make sure that they don’t embarrass themselves too badly.

If you are okay with squeamishness, then you should be alright with Piranha.  It is B-Movie horror at its finest and most nostalgic, and if you don’t feel sick or a little taken aback at the end of this movie, I suggest counseling.


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