127 Hours Review

By: Jim Weekes
Rating: 10 out of 10

I for one have never been a huge fan of director Danny Boyle. I never liked Trainspotting and although Slumdog Millionaire was a great movie, it got way too over hyped. If I have to hear that stupid theme song one more time, I will go insane.  Even the simplistic 28 Days Later was lacking something. But Boyle has finally unknowingly created what I would call his masterpiece.

127 Hours portrays a triumphant true story.  The film shows Aron Ralston as he is trapped in a caynon, his arm pinned down by a boulder.  Ralston is forced to deal with the possibility of his impending demise, and takes a serious internal look at his life.  With his time slowly ticking away, Ralston creates his own fate.

127 hours is so simplistic, brutally realistic and so unnerving, you feel like you’re in Aron Rolston’s shoes. The film also excels when Aron (played by James Franco) finds himself having lucid hallucinations, upsetting flashbacks and nonsensical premonitions. The editing and filming here is so beautiful, sad, and brilliant.  You really get to live his entire life flashing before his eyes. With not much dialogue, you really feel for Aron. Franco does a great job of capturing the facial nuances of a lost soul. From the moment he realizes he’s stuck, to the time he realizes he may die here, and finally to the painful moments where he accepts that he’s going to have to take desperate measures to free himself.

The thing about 127 hours that makes it so good is its simplicity and it’s realistic nature. It is a very sad film, despite the triumphant ending. The film does a great job of capturing the beauty and flaws of mother nature just like the social network with capturing perfectly the atmosphere of college life.  This is one of my favorite films of the year and of the decade and you’d be foolish to pass up the opportunity to see it


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