True Grit Review

By: Jim Weekes
Rating: 8 out of 10

I for one am big Coen Brothers fan, except for the few flops here and there (ahem….Serious man.) But True Grit is neither a masterpiece nor a flop.

The Coens stray a little far away from their formula and try their hand at a traditional western. The result of course is great, but a part of me couldn’t help but feel cheated out of a unique Coen Brother experience. There were some signature shots here and there, as well as the classic repeating lines the Coens treasure so much, but the film as a whole is more normal than it is abnormal.

Now, I know it sounds like I’m bashing this movie but not so. The film like I said is really good, just don’t go into it expecting some unique Coen masterpiece like Lebowski, Fargo, or O’ Brother. Normalcy aside, the film again, is full of great performances. Jeff Bridges is great as the drunk, sometimes unorthodox Marshal, and matt Damon is great as the loony Texas Ranger, although I felt his character at times was a tad unnecessary and hindered the story’s flow.

Some other noteworthy performances are the smaller roles of Josh Brolin as dimwitted villain Tom Cheney and Barry Pepper as the almost unrecognizable role as the leader of Cheney’s gang.

True Grit is a fun and refreshing film. Coen Fans might feel a little underwhelmed while Coen naysayers might actually like this one quite a bit.

E ither way, it’s a really good film and don’t worry about smacking yourself in the head if you miss this one in theaters, but if you have some spare money and want to see something fun, True Grit is your film. If you’re a Coen Brothers fan however, you shouldn’t pass this up.


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