The King’s Speech Review

By: Jim Weekes
Rating: 9 out of 10

I’m a glutton for historical films. Especially when the topic is something fresh and unusual, as it is with The King’s Speech. My interest for this film was quite high ever since I saw the trailer and learned it was directed by Tom Hooper, the man behind the phenomenal HBO miniseries, John Adams.

Like many other films this year, the king speech is packed with incredible performances. Most notably is Colin Firth in the lead as King George VI. This is one of the best lead male performances I’ve seen in years.  Firth is now officially my pick for best actor this year. He plays the role with such anxiety and frustration, and you really feel for him throughout the film. Geoffery Rush also steals the show as the unorthodox speech therapist for King George VI. The result is an on-screen relationship that can easily be described as the best historical “bro-mance” I’ve seen.

The direction and cinematography of the film compliments the acting really well. Hooper follows the same anxiety inducing shots seen in John Adams and it really puts you in the moment. I found my heart beating really fast in the King’s tense moments minutes prior to stepping up to the podium or the microphone.

The film itself is a true feat, and we’ve seen many historical films along the lines that tell the troubled stories of monarch leaders, but The King’s speech is by far the best and most engaging. Between the acting, the direction, and the writing, you’ll be laughing during the speech sessions, holding your hands to your face during the speeches and tearing up at the remarkable friendship and historical circumstances surrounding the film.

This is one of my 5 favorite films of the year and it includes some of my favorite performances of the year as well. If you like historical biopics or just looking for a great film, go see this now!

Western New England College

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