Trailer of the Day: Battle – Los Angeles

In a March that seems to be filled with alien attack films, as both Battle: Los Angeles and Apollo 18 are hitting theaters, we thought that we would give you an idea of what’s coming up .  Here is the trailer for Battle – Los Angeles:

Jim’s take after the break.

Jim’s Take

Up until this point, all I knew about this movie is that it had a billboard for videogame resistance 3 in the film. I have to say this looks like this could be the big summer blockbuster for next year. The trailer is chilling and looks like Cloverfield meets District 9 meets Independence Day, which could either be good or terrible. On the downside, Michelle Rodriguez is in it and it’s from the director of Rings, Texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning and Darkness falls….all terrible movies.  Could this finally be his masterpiece? Or another flop. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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