The Expendables Review

By: Bryan Montgomery
Rating: 6 out of 10

It is the biggest dose of testosterone since Barry Bonds (allegedly) stopped juicing in baseball.

Stallone. Statham. Lundrigen. Li. Crews. Willis. Holy mother of God.

The Expendables is the movie that 80s aficionados have been begging for since the end of the decade, and now this action movie is here. The Expendables is an acceptable action flick, and embraces the best traditions of the campy 80s action flick.

The story focuses around a group of mercenaries who get in too far over their head in South America, led by Barney Ross (Stallone), the team has to decide where the line is between what they were hired to do and what they were meant to do.

With a movie such as this, there has to be a level of interest among any male as to what is going to be seen. The action is the highest point of this film, and it does not disappoint. With a movie directed by Stallone, you’ll see the foot slammed to the pedal and never let up once it starts. From the first action sequence until the final battle, the movie does not stop, delivering on the nasty, gory action that is sure to satisfy the blood-hungry.

Of course anyone who sees a movie like this needs to realize that the movie is going to only be good in certain respects. The script is absolutely terrible. There were times in which you want to simply watch the movie and plug your ears while you are watching the movie. The movie is also like every action movie that you have seen before. There is the big action scenes, the worthless romance that eventually descends into a plot-changing relationship. The car chase between two men with guns blazing. It’s everything you’ve seen before, but with the additional names on the marquee it simply seems like its more.

The Expendables is a one-time watch. Although it was an entertaining film, it is absolutely nothing special and nothing that hasn’t been seen before. Although the names on the marquee do a good job at drawing the crowd, you can’t polish a rotten apple.


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