Box Office Predictions: November 12-14

This week three newcomers will attempt to knock off last weeks winner, Megamind.  Will they be able to? Click read more for a full analysis.

Andy’s Take

Similar to last weekend, this weekend there will be a lot of new releases.  One of these films is the sci-fi invasion thriller Skyline, from the team that directed Alien vs. Predator:Requiem.  Another is Unstoppable starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine and directed by Tony Scott.  The film marks the fifth time Scott and Washington have worked together.  Lastly, there is Morning Glory starring Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford.  All three of these films have some promise but none of them seem like they will be enough to take the number one spot.  Skyline and Unstoppable both look like they are going to have good, but not great openings while Morning Glory seems like it could end up anywhere.  Late positive reviews from critics make it seem that Unstoppable could perform the best out of all of them, but we won’t know until receipts are counted on Sunday.  My predictions are (New Films in Bold):

1 ) Megamind – $25.8 Million

2 ) Skyline – $22.6 Million

3 ) Unstoppable – $21.3 Million

4 ) Due Date – $15.6 Million

5 ) Morning Glory – $ 13.3 Million

6 ) For Colored Girls – $10.4 Million

7 ) RED – $7.2 Million

8 ) Saw 3D – $4.3 Million

9 ) Paranormal Activity 2 – $3.8 Million

10) Secretariat – $ 2.2 Million



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