Box Office Predictions: November 5-7

The first weekend in November is going to be a good one.  Four films are coming out and two of them are bound to bring in big bucks.  For predictions on where these newcomers will land, click read more.

Andy’s Take

This weekend is going to be a busy one considering how many new films are coming out.  One of these films is Due Date, the new film from Hangover director Todd Phillips, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis. Another one is Megamind, the animated comedy about a villain trying to be a superhero starring the voices of Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt.  The other two are For Colored Girls, the latest from director Tyler Perry and 127 Hours, the latest from28 Days Later director Danny Boyle about the man who fell into a canyon in Utah a few years ago and his tale of survival.  The two films that will come out the most successful this weekend will be Megamind and Due Date. The stars in each film are enough to propel them to the top of the box office.  The only question is, which one will take it?  Due Date has been everywhere when it comes to advertising but Megamind seems to be quietly creeping up and seems like it is going to do what Despicable Me did and potentially steal the top spot.  It also doesn’t hurt that Megamind is rated PG, where Due Date is rated R.  There hasn’t been much buzz around the other two films, but with Tyler Perry attached, For Colored Girls will likely open to decent numbers.  127 Hours on the other hand is opening independently and is gathering tons of early Oscar buzz for actor James Franco but that more than likely isn’t enough for it to break the top 10.  My predictions are (New films in Bold):

1 ) Megamind – 40.3 Million

2 ) Due Date – 34.6 Million

3 ) Saw 3D – 10.4 Million

4 ) For Colored Girls – 8.3 Million

5 ) Paranormal Activity 2 – 7.5 Million

6 ) RED – 6.5 Million

7 ) Jackass 3D – 4.7 Million

8 ) Hereafter – 3.4 Million

9 ) Secretariat – 2.3 Million

10) The Social Network – 1.8 Million



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