Box Office Predictions: October 29-31

Only one big opening this weekend and it is the final chapter of a massive franchise that has taken the movie world by storm and that movie is Saw 3D.  After an impressive opening weekend, will Paranormal Activity 2 be able to hold off Saw 3D?  Click read more to read Andy and Monty’s take on this weekend’s box office.

Andy’s Take

There is no doubt in my mind that Saw 3D will take the top spot this weekend.  Paranormal Activity 2 did put up great numbers last weekend, but half of it came on Friday.  This can only mean that the film is slowly losing new viewers.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that the final chapter of the Saw franchise is in 3D, which as we all know, filmgoers love.  It will be interesting considering how much good buzz has come out of Paranormal Activity 2 to see if it can hold off the last film of a franchise many say has lost its edge.  My predictions are (new films in Bold):

1)      Saw 3D – 27.6 Million

2)      Paranormal Activity 2 – 23.7 Million

3)      Jackass 3D – 11.3 Million

4)      RED – 8.5 Million

5)      Hereafter – 7.1 Million

6)      The Social Network – 5.6 Million

7)      Secretariat – 3.5 Million

8)      Life as We Know It – 2.7 Million

9)      Legend of the Guardians – 1.9 Million

10)  The Town – 1.2 Million

Monty’s Take

Last year, Paranormal Activity surprised a lot of people when it took the halloween top spot from Saw VI.  That won’t happen again.  Look at the numbers with presumed “final” iterations of series. Halloween: H2O dropped $16 mil in the first weekend, a $4 million dollar hike over the prior film.  In a more drastic case, Star Wars: Episode III made $101 Million, $30 Million more than Attack of the Clones.  Now, Saw is no Star Wars but 99% of the time, the final movie of a presumed series out-grosses the previous efforts.  Horror movies usually don’t carry over week to week with high returns, so Paranormal Activity 2 will slip.  Here are my predictions:

1.) Saw 3D – $27.2 Million

2.) Paranormal Activity 2 – $17.6 Million

3.) Jackass 3D – $15.4 Million

4.) RED – $9.8 Million

5.) The Social Network – $9.5 Million

6.) Hereafter – $7.6 Million

7.) Secretariat – $5.5 Million

8.) Life as We Know It – $4.1 Million

9.) Legend of the Guardians – $2.5 Million

10.) The Town – $1.4 Million



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  1. The Saw franchise could not have ended any better, I have watched the series over and over again and yet the way everything unveiled is not what I expected. I recommend any movie buff to see the entire series of Saw movies, its not the gore it the storyline that are like not other.

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