Countdown to THE FINAL CHAPTER: Saw V

In 2007, the Saw series continued with their fifth movie, continuing off of the plot line seen in Saw IV and adding more information towards the past of Jigsaw.  The Traps are (Click on link for YouTube videos)

Pendulum Trap

Water Trap

Key Trap

Bomb Shelter Trap

Circuit Trap

Blood-Drain Trap

R2R’s Take after the Break

Bryan’s Take

Saw IV‘s point of failure was Saw V‘s saving grace.  The films finally decided what they were good for, nearly abandoning the chaotic storyline and sticking to the blood and gore that worked for the first two films.  Whereas the traps in Saw and Saw II were connected to the main plot lines, the main traps involving the five in Saw V work away from the main plot line, which in fact makes everything easier to follow.  You’d think at some point Jigsaw would run out of people to kill, after all (SPOILER ALERT) he is dead by this point anyways.


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